You make all these plans and get everything ready to start, but then your kids get sick and now you barely can do anything else than caring for them for a couple of weeks 😩

I’m very happy, my wife is officially off Covid today just before Christmas and now the family is finally together.

When we take Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, among others as role models, our children are doing the same to be like us. If being a father doesn’t make you a happier and better person, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy day to all.

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

Looks like my wife thinks we have thieves inside the house, or is there other reason to tightly close every plastic bag there is?

They’re impossible to open.

I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what it feels to bring a new life to this world and seeing them becoming independent. The more my oldest grows, the more incredible it is for me.

I hate needles, so taking my kids for their vaccines 💉 it’s really hard. Fortunately the mom @karlaleija1 is the brave one in the house in these situations 😘

Someone decided to join. 😅❤️