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Ramiro Ruiz - 93.9°F

I hate that is not easy for me to hang up people calling me for promotions or offering cards but I kind of feel bad and many times I let them finish they entire pitch. I can’t help it 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.71°F

Still can’t believe that there’s still people (27+) that just let their employer know that they’re not coming back next week. Without problems just wanted something different. With projects assigned and running. Leaving the mess to the rest of the team.

Ramiro Ruiz - 94.11°F

I forgot how weak is my skin that it gets all red and scratched once I started training again at a high level. I look like I’m sick. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramiro Ruiz - 24.3°C

Never underestimate the importance of a good bed. Of all the expensive things you can buy this should be at the top of your priority list.

Ramiro Ruiz - 81.14°F

Had to kill some time after morning training so I stopped in a coffee and this time I only bring my iPad, way more comfortable. With the magic keyboard and figurative that lets me edit Figma files, there’s few things I need my laptop for.

Ramiro Ruiz - 99.72°F

I started to record myself redesigning my old site, after doing one video it feels more like a new job than just having fun 🙃 doingitwrong

Ramiro Ruiz - 99.72°F

I think they are many lessons that those lone designers can share. I still have pending to write about how I built a design system as the only designer. And I’m about to start another one. I should document it to be easier to share 🤔

Ramiro Ruiz - 74.98°F

I’m still excited thinking the we will be able to create and use shortcuts on our macs, I’ve been waiting for this but didn’t expect the announcement I was just thinking about the new M1 models.

Ramiro Ruiz - 99.47°F

New safari updates look great too. It’s been my surfing default browser for some time now.

Ramiro Ruiz - 96.56°F

I forgot that today is the Apple keynote, hope they introduce the new MacBooks today 🤞🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 100.39°F

Ok this new improved shortcut should work now, if it does I’ll be way more active on Twitter from now on. 🤞🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 85.72°F

Future parents, the more adaptable you are the easier it will be. And step by step teach your kids to be an adaptable person too. Not every day they routine will go as planned and they have to learn to deal with it. Adaptability is one of the top “human skills”

Ramiro Ruiz - 71.98°F

Wow FigJam looks very promising, just letting you use your design system components and variables is incredible. This will be super useful!

Ramiro Ruiz - 85.16°F

I kind of what that all small business that offer their products or services for free to be very open and say how they’re making money. Don’t need all the details, just something so I can trust them.

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.95°F

I kind of what that all small business that offer their products or services for free to be very open and say how they’re making money. Don’t need all the details, just something so I can trust them.

Ramiro Ruiz - 85.94°F

Making a good looking html email? Is not as hard as to make it look good with dark mode on 🤢

Here’s a tip. Since outlook and gmail invert background colors try using a repeated CSS bg of 1px white image

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.95°F

I’m surprised that there are still so many people who continually claim that they are not creative. They excuse themselves from doing things they don’t usually do, doesn’t matter how small the tasks are. 🤦🏻

Ramiro Ruiz - 62.92°F

There should not be “That’s not my job” moments in high performance teams. Specially in designer / developer relationships.

Ramiro Ruiz - 69.82°F

Today I was told that they admire my bravery, not for stepping in the ring or cage but for having studied graphic design in Mexico.

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.55°F

So another Ramiro Ruiz just message me to tell me to change my username because he wants it. And that he’s sorry for the inconvenience. 👀

Ramiro Ruiz - 46.04°F

Does all clubhouse rooms just talk about how great, breakthrough, etc etc clubhouse is? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ramiro Ruiz - 36.72°F

It’s been a long time since having aesthetic design was a luxury. Luxury is knowing how to talk to the market you are looking for in your their own language. #Communication

Ramiro Ruiz - 64.44°F

I’d love to be able to keep the smell of my kids as babies, each one is different. A few years pass and then you realize that they don’t smell like that anymore 🥺

Ramiro Ruiz - 56.36°F

Most softwares when moving elements. Arrow keys small nudge, and hold down shift for big nudge. Google slides let’s invert those controls 🥴

Ramiro Ruiz - 73.55°F

Many business forget that the little details matter, the quality of the hand sanitizer you offer is part of the customer experience.

Ramiro Ruiz - 86.36°F

Design systems does not cancel creativity, they’re constantly evolving. You have to create, adapt and improve under certain restrictions. That’s what design is all about, work with constraints to deliver results.

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.65°F

Just saw one of my first websites from 2007 🤯, made it with Dreamweaver and flash for a no-so-impressive header animation. I love that I was able to save it. Is great to see your early work and see how much you’ve improved.

Ramiro Ruiz - 74.57°F

I know the trend now is don’t care about that but is still feels great when you earn the respect of someone or a group.

Ramiro Ruiz - 87.11°F

I’ve been focusing on product design for a while now but whenever I get a branding project I get super excited. I don’t agree on the idea of only doing one thing. Why limit yourself when there’s so much to do, go and do them. As long is not at same time 😅

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.7°F
Portable SSD

New portable SSD, crazy how small it is. Now I’ll be able to edit movies from it as it is pretty fast, back it up to a 4TB hard drive that mirrors to the cloud ( that’s my new file management strategy. Feeling pretty safe but open for any feedback.

Ramiro Ruiz - 89.58°F

I don’t understand how some designers think is a good idea to underline text or headings just for emphasis on a website.

“Let me make this look like a link without being one” 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.23°F

Moments when you’re start realizing you’re not a kid anymore, like when you see your first grey hair and when you notice you’re older than the characters on Friends. 😱

Ramiro Ruiz - 76.14°F

Looking for a great serie to watch? #GiriHaji is amazing, I need more of that kind of quality and originality.

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.16°F

Love how many like to say that “AI is going to replace designers” every year. I get it, they want reactions and clicks. But they’re wrong. For years this profession has evolved with the tools and use them to their advantage and they will continue to do so.

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.12°F

Simplification is a powerful design strategy. Naturally the button to make an emergency call should be as simple as possible. And yet, we also need further design strategies that help us accept, understand, and interact with complex situations in our lives.

Amazing piece on complexity with gorgeous animations as a plus.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.75°F

Getting my feet wet with react and vue when what I really need is an intense course on Git 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramiro Ruiz - 88.57°F

A certain way of improving one’s work is by being in a positions of saying no. That gets you better clients, projects and more time for each one. Easier said than done, I couldn’t afford to say no until this year.

Ramiro Ruiz - 95.46°F

#TIL no idea that you can go back in time in street view with the little clock icon. This super interesting.

Ramiro Ruiz - 92.74°F

Good design matters. There are always customers that go for the cheapest option. And others that look for the one that take great care of them and their experience. Actions attracts clients, we should act to attract the ones we want.

Ramiro Ruiz - 86.69°F

Prototypes are not that popular or as talked as they use to 3 years ago but if you’re a quick doing them they’re super valuable.

Ramiro Ruiz - 71.38°F

That feel when you fixed all the bugs and you can actually enjoy the last day of a project.

Ramiro Ruiz - 90.24°F

Instead of acknowledging talent so much, we should do it more with hard work. Encourage skill over talent, one comes from practice and self-discipline and the other is something you’re born with. And only one has no limits.

Ramiro Ruiz - 93.96°F

I’m really excited for the next updates on safari. It’s always my default browser but I find it uncomfortable to develop in it. Hope that will change.

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.55°F

I’m very happy about the design update by Apple, I now can add more life into some elements without looking outdated. I was never a complete fan of flat UI.

Ramiro Ruiz - 76.03°F

When we take Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, among others as role models, our children are doing the same to be like us. If being a father doesn’t make you a happier and better person, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy day to all.

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.81°F

I can only set the volume of my tv or car in multiples of 8. I get so uncomfortable if is on a different number. #8PointGrid

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.96°F

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

Ramiro Ruiz - 72.52°F

I now have 5 different animations for a svg graphic that get triggered at certain moments. SVG is a complex beast and learning about them has payed off.

Ramiro Ruiz - 77.1°F

I can understand the exciting in HEY, I also can’t wait to try it out but what I don’t get is the excitement in having a @hey email. I hope is possible to use your own, nothing looks better than having a email.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.24°F

Looks like my wife thinks we have thieves inside the house, or is there other reason to tightly close every plastic bag there is?

They’re impossible to open.

Ramiro Ruiz - 81.45°F

Halfway through Mistakes were made (But not by me) and is so great. Is making me look at my actions be better.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.3°F

Most data table cells should be left aligned, is easier for the eye to read text that have a common starting point.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.42°F

Am I hearing Tiktok songs on the radio or is it that I hear radio songs on Tiktok. Pretty sure is the former, that platform is constantly making viral music.

Ramiro Ruiz - 95.97°F

I now have a new Spanish account @ramiroruiz_ES I was deciding which language to use for each tweet and since I already translate them for my site I’ll tweet both now and keep things separate.

Ramiro Ruiz - 95.37°F

I bought a sunrise alarm clock a week ago, and I can’t recommend enough. Game changer for me. 🙌🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 88.76°F
Español sign Blippi cover

My son likes the show a lot, so I’m editing a @BlippiOfficial sign, really wish they can use it. My eyes hurt every time I see it, and is a lot of times.

Ramiro Ruiz - 72.86°F

Why so many make links indistinguishable from text, if you’re not going to underline them you better make them really different. Nobody enjoys hovering every element of a page to figure if is clickable.

Ramiro Ruiz - 74.16°F

Sharing often and early is one of the biggest things that have improved my work as a designer. Stop caring what would they think by seeing unfinished pieces and trust yourself. Your teammates will thank you.

Ramiro Ruiz - 89.68°F

First time using a case for my phone, I always use them “al natural” since my iPhone 4 but this thing is more expensive than what I used to drive 3 years ago 😅 #NoRegrets

Ramiro Ruiz - 69.44°F

Looking back at some answers I wrote in Quora got me thinking in maybe elaborate more and publish them as blog posts.

Ramiro Ruiz - 87.37°F

Iteration is everything. It should be more encouraged, to revisit past projects and improve them with new knowledge. Imagine doing that every couple of years, some of us have our site for that but for other types would be great too.

Ramiro Ruiz - 73.82°F

Man, templating RSS feed can be quite confusing. I did some folder structure changes at my sites a couple of weeks ago and didn’t realize that the change broke my feeds. Thankfully after some frustrations I fix them. Now I can sleep 😴

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.04°F

I avoid deleting the first versions of most designs, I keep duplicating artboards and iterate on the new ones. But I want to make it clear which are the old ones so I don’t confuse people or comment on past versions.

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.51°F

Finished the last dance, is felt a little special that I got to see a little of that era. I remember watching MJ last final on TV. There’s always a great level of obsession in successful people. It has to, the only way to distance yourself from the pack.

Ramiro Ruiz - 88.98°F

I’m recently seeing a lot of talk about innovation. But the people that are actually innovating are not the ones that are constantly reading and talking about it, but the ones that are constantly making things.

Ramiro Ruiz - 93.58°F

Crazy how I was so use to having a small screen computer, from sharing my quick screen shot videos to slack that were around 14mb for some seconds. Just share one from the new 16” MBP and I was 100MB 🤯

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.33°F

I’ve been having problems with a video not auto playing in just some phones 😥 no idea why, works on mine and many others but a few see the play button. So weird.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.3°F

When you are getting desperate because the changes are not being reflected until you realize you’re not looking at local but staging. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramiro Ruiz - 79.13°F

So happy to have webmentions working without including a link to my site, that should help for the people that thought I was spamming all the time 😅 I really love the things you can do with the #Indieweb

Ramiro Ruiz - 77°F

Going to do some changes in the next couple of days on my site to remove my post links but still keep my webmentions.

I know it may look spamish but it was necessary. Now I know there’s ways to have them without it

Ramiro Ruiz - 87.27°F

Upgrading my old 2013 MBP, has been my best computer to date. Looking forward for the new one, I hope that with the current situation, it doesn’t take longer than usual 🤞🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 72.61°F

The more I learn about svg’s the more I realize how much is possible with them, just made two svg animations for a project last week.

Ramiro Ruiz - 90.95°F

Do you want to learn and be more efficient with your time of the day. Have kids!

  • Don’t have kids for only that reason 🙏🏼
Ramiro Ruiz - 82°F

Even in the middle of this crisis, I can’t believe how fortunate I am. I have what I need and I’m starting to receive those lucky opportunities that I’ve been preparing for 🙌🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 70.44°F

So they had a full screen 5MB hero image 🤯 I manage to optimize it to 121KB.

Now the website feels completely different. Optimization is super important 🙂

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.73°F

Got to design a small Ebook 🙂 first one after many of catalogues and local magazines. I know the general advice is to specialize but I would never be able to just design the same kind of things.

Ramiro Ruiz - 72.33°F

I started some explorations for a project in Figma, then I jump into another project that is on Sketch and I have to use illustrator to make a svg graphic.

I can tell my computer is not happy, she’s not responding. 😅😭

Ramiro Ruiz - 85.73°F

Tough times don’t define you, they refine you. ‪True for people and companies.

Remember, no matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse.

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.73°F

#TIL that you can view folder sizes in the Finder’s list view on your Mac. 🤯

View -> Show View Options -> check Calculate All Sizes

Ramiro Ruiz - 91.42°F

I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what it feels to bring a new life to this world and seeing them becoming independent. The more my oldest grows, the more incredible it is for me.

Ramiro Ruiz - 77.65°F

One thing is running a remote #DesignSprint with everyone in different offices or home offices, and another one is to run it with everyone in their temporary “home offices” while dealing with their kids at the same time.

Ramiro Ruiz - 73.8°F

Today I received an email from my website for a possible new project, when I asked where did he find my site. He answered by searching on @DuckDuckGo

That has to be a great sign right?

Ramiro Ruiz - 85.54°F

One thing is being loyal and another is being stupid and that line can sometimes be blurry.

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.09°F

It will be interesting to know with so many people forced to experience remote work for the first time if, by the time everything settles down, will they be able to happily come back to their normal routine and commutes? #RemoteWork

Ramiro Ruiz - 57.66°F

Starting a project were everyone is using Microsoft’s teams 😰

Another messaging app to have it open.

Ramiro Ruiz - 71.8°F

I receive an invitation to submit a specific piece from my portfolio for a design award thing. And I was like wow goodbye impostor syndrome 👋🏼🍾🥳

The I found out I need to pay to enter the “competition” 😒 Oh well #BusinessAsUsual now

Ramiro Ruiz - 67.72°F

That moment when you’re so excited to start a new design project until you see their official logo 😔 so sad

Ramiro Ruiz - 50.99°F

Just arrived to Mexico city for a few days to get punch in the face and eat great food. It should be fun.

Ramiro Ruiz - 57.43°F

Today I finished The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen. The book is great, but I end up with mix feelings by knowing the stuff that now know. Ignorance is bliss.

Ramiro Ruiz - 89.02°F

What a fun session of light sparring this morning at @downtown.dojo I surely missed them. I Cut the parts where I get hit 😆

Ramiro Ruiz - 69.05°F

Bittersweet feeling after seeing the last episode of the Good place. What a great show.

Ramiro Ruiz - 52.78°F

I have a big remote design sprint next week, so I’ve been playing with @mural to see if it can replace our current methods and I’m very impressed so far.


Ramiro Ruiz - 80.44°F
But why

The reaction I always get from friends when I talk about the work I do on my website to own my content like notes, replies, photos, etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ramiro Ruiz - 69.73°F

Now more than ever, we rather want to be individually right than at peace with each other.

Ramiro Ruiz - 65.86°F

Trying my best at learning enough react to build my components on storybook. Is funny to feel very smart or very dumb in minutes. Got to say I’m very impressed with storybook.

Ramiro Ruiz - 53.19°F

Is never as good as with other people but it’s something. Planning to hang up more bags soon.

#HomeWorkout #Boxing #PunchingBag

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.3°F

Excited to start a project where I will be able to play with storybook, I had a great experience with Fractal in another project.

Ramiro Ruiz - 64.63°F
Systems quote from Atomic Habits

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there.

By @JamesClear

#Habits #AtomicHabits

Ramiro Ruiz - 65.54°F
Knowledge vs experience

Connecting the dots is a rare and valuable skill. Solving problems that hasn’t been solved before.

Instead collecting dots and consuming. We can produce and share more.

There’s no replacement of getting your hands dirty.

Ramiro Ruiz - 73.46°F

I used to think that good talkers were smarter. Now I know better. Some people have to talk to think, others do not.

Being a great communicator is still a great skill to have.

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.16°F

Just finished Lost and Founder by @randfish and I can’t recommend it enough.

I want more books 📚 that transparent and honest as this one. 🔥

Ramiro Ruiz - 65.14°F

So I’m finally trying VS Code and I hate that they don’t have a easy and keyboard friendly way to duplicate and create files or folders like Atom. 😓

Ramiro Ruiz - 63.76°F

Just saw Marriage Story. Was a little hard to watch, but I still highly recommend it, especially with your partner. Great conversation afterwards.

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.49°F
We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen

We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen, we should worry that they are always watching. — Robert Fulghum

Ramiro Ruiz - 64.37°F

Just saw the teenage mutant ninja turtles episode of the toys that made us on Netflix.

What a great story! Big fan and proud owner of many TMNT toys.

Ramiro Ruiz - 69.22°F

Just upgraded from my old iPhone 6 to a 11 pro and is ridiculous how much I was missing.

Ramiro Ruiz - 55.11°F
RTS Hawkeye Design System Home Page

Got the approval for a second phase 🙌🏼, Now I will have more time to clean some stuff up so I can share it publicly.

Ramiro Ruiz - 67.39°F

I can’t believe how much it took me to start using iOS shortcuts.

It makes my phone feel powerful again.

Ramiro Ruiz - 55.04°F

The “I throw all these punches to land one” combo. They’re still the most fun to do. First training in the new location, is going to be amazing. 👏🏼

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.1°F

So now nature is the only inspiration source.

Like “I don’t know how to do this, I need to stare at some trees to get the answer”

Ramiro Ruiz - 69.6°F

Finally fixed my RSS feeds, now the images are showing and I have links for All, Notes, Replies and Photos. More content and feeds to come.

Ramiro Ruiz - 56.56°F

Just starting using indie readers and wow 😮 I’m impressed. Super easy to consume and interact with content.

Ramiro Ruiz - 51.79°F

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.

— Denis Waitley

#quote #life

Ramiro Ruiz - 68.97°F

While refactoring old styles on a project and I found a class with more rules than it needed because it had position: flex so they’re extra rules the compensates the undetected mistake.

The author, me… 👀🤫

Ramiro Ruiz - 87.07°F

Don’t stop after the first or second version. No matter how good you think they are.


Ramiro Ruiz - 81.58°F

I hate when in talks or keynotes, the speaker asks trick questions to the audience.

Is selfish. It puts people on the spot and is always just to correct them in front of everyone.

Ramiro Ruiz - 79.45°F

‪Why many are bad at giving feedback?‬

‪By being asked, most of the times, it makes them think they’re superior. That’s why there’s more negative comments than positive. There’s fear on losing the higher status so is safer to put people down.‬

Ramiro Ruiz - 83.51°F

Super happy of how my ‪@BearNotesApp‬ Morning/Night routine & journal iOS workflow turned out. 😁

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.69°F Mostly Cloudy

‪Don’t:‬ ‪💬 Hello 👋🏼‬ ‪Waits for the hello answer.‬ ‪💬 How are you?‬ ‪Waits…‬ ‪💬 That’s great, [THE REASON THEY REACH OUT?]‬ ‪——‬ ‪Do:‬ ‪💬 Hello 👋🏼, hope you’re doing well. [THE REASON THEY REACH OUT?]‬

‪More optimization on messages please 🙏🏼‬

Ramiro Ruiz - 77.25°F Partly Cloudy

Still working on my full site redesign, but I went forward and added #webmentions to my notes on the current design. Now if you like/reply my tweets it will show on the site. Baby steps, the visuals are pretty rough at the moment. #indieweb

Ramiro Ruiz - 84.21 Humid and Mostly Cloudy

As a photography fan and a father with a cute kid… It should be consider a skill to be able to survive with a 16gb iPhone.

Ramiro Ruiz - 82.4°F Partly Cloudy

📚 Finish Mastery by Robert Greene. Like it a lot, a little bit longer than it needs to be but it has many great stories and examples.

Ramiro Ruiz - 89.6°F Mostly Cloudy

Explanations. Anyone should be prepared to backup their decisions. No matter the position, especially for acts that affect others. Nobody should do things without worrying than someone will ask “why?”

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.6°F Mostly Cloudy
Rafa jumping to the pool

This is a photo I haven’t shared before. Happy that I now send my instagram posts to my site. I’ll write more about the setup later.

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.6°F Mostly Cloudy
Rafa jumping to the pool

This is a photo I haven’t shared before. Happy that I now send my instagram posts to my site. I’ll write more about the setup later.

Ramiro Ruiz - 86°F Mostly Cloudy

I should use the @media (hover: none) media query more often.

Way safer and practical than just guessing screen sizes.

Ramiro Ruiz - 86°F Partly Cloudy

Pretty excited to start a small industry 4.0 project, designing and building stuff that involve robots using cameras and responding to what they’re seeing it. 🤩

Ramiro Ruiz - 80.6°F Mostly Cloudy

I don’t like how aggressive @InVisionApp emails it’s been lately, constantly asking for meeting to suggest a different paid plan, they even emailed one of our clients to get to us.

They’re crossing the line…

Ramiro Ruiz - 78.8°F Partly Cloudy

Made a quick update in the notes template, is very simple. Just to post them now, instead of waiting to finish my upcoming site redesign.

Ramiro Ruiz - 75.2°F Mostly Clear

It’s been awhile since I wrote something by hand, it actually felt good. Thinking in doing it more often.

Ramiro Ruiz - 86°F Mostly Cloudy

Today’s my birthday and I’m so in to getting my #indieweb note posting iOS workflow just right. #ThirdTry