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@ramiroruiz @rosiesherry Hey there Ramiro. Which part are thinking might be time-consuming, building the company or ensuring it's community-led?

I'm a mom too and can relate. It helps that our co-founders are quick to iterate on what works/doesn't. At early stage, "action" is quite slow too

Initiating, I’m by myself in this project and I’m not sure if the time I need to build a solid data base that would be attractive to the community be worth it.

Happy to being proven wrong. But my model doesn’t expect to charge people from the community.


  • Building anything solid always takes time. Maybe you can test the value of this database w/ your community so the effort's commensurate? 😃 In our case, we invested in a community platform a little bit too early. The need was validated thru interviews. But getting them inside🤷‍♀️