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Don’t wait for your designs to be perfect before sharing them. Remember, a design is never truly finished, and feedback can only help refine and improve your work.

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@ramiroruiz Yo pienso todo lo contrario. Estudié arquitectura y siempre pensé que no podría diseñar mi propia casa.

Eso es un problema común con perfeccionismo y se ve tanto tmb en diseñadores cuando diseñamos para nosotros como el branding o sitio web. Somos nuestro peor crítico 😅

It’s amusing to see people argue about the “right” way to write ChatGPT prompts.

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@dainal 2 young kids. Does that count? It should.

Well raising children is the most important project for parents. I have 3 young ones.

Not exactly the same as other ones as you cannot abandon them if they’re not “performing well” or sell them for profit… at least not in my country 👀

I just improved my shortcut to now not only post my tweets with the tweet link to my website, but also to Mastodon too.

This is the first test note 🤞🏼

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@ramiroruiz that may not go over well if it becomes obvious and constant from your cross-posts that you’re referencing something specific to twitter on a mastodon timeline. Especially if it is a reply and lacks context.

@JustMrLarz yeah that would be bad, is not completely automatic. I have to choose what to send that step is where I add the note tags and review the translation to post to my Spanish account.

That helps me avoid confusing posts like you mention. I rarely post live event tweets to my site, and replies are only sent to my website with the original author note for context.

Data is key in design, but I also value creativity. Being stuck in a company that constantly tests every detail and doesn’t trust the designer’s choices is not for me. A company must have a distinct aesthetic style and give designers the freedom to bring their ideas to life.

Everyone should have a sketchbook, is amazing to see all kind of rough ideas you had, the good and bad. Seeing how your thoughts evolve through sketches is inspiring.

I regret not putting dates on the pages earlier.

Regular design workshops can help foster a culture of innovation within your organization, providing regular opportunities for employees to come together and think creatively.

Entrepreneur parents are great role models. They show their children the value of hard work, perseverance, and the power of turning their ideas into reality.

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graphic design is undervalued

Most people still think graphic design is just about aesthetics and decoration.

And everyone likes to think they have good taste, it doesn’t help that it’s not always obvious how to measure the results of investing in it.

I love my field, you never get bored. Every challenge is different, you’ll always be developing new skills. Endless opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, wide range of specializations to choose from. It rewards continuous learning and innovation.

I believe that one can learn to design at any stage in life. Embrace the opportunity to continuously learn and discover new aspects of design, as it is a never-ending journey of growth and development.

New @Wikipedia design 👀 Some great improvements, still it would take some time to get use to. I thought I was in the Mobile version.

I like the new language selector. They said they increased the font size but I still see it at 14px 🤔

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what design advice would you give to your younger self?

3 things:

You’re not Apple, so share early, learn how to ask and take feedback and keep improving it.

That feeling that you have when seeing your last year designs. It never goes away, and is a good thing.

Create more experiments and put them out there.