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Make me think! – Ralph Ammer

Simplification is a powerful design strategy. Naturally the button to make an emergency call should be as simple as possible. And yet, we also need further design strategies that help us accept, understand, and interact with complex situations in our lives.

Amazing piece on complexity with gorgeous animations as a plus.

Ramiro Ruiz

The Last Video Store on Vimeo

It’s an ode to the video store experience and a nostalgia trip for anyone who remembers the trailers playing before movies on VHS, or having to rewind the tape before you return it. For many of us, the video store wasn’t just a place to rent movies, but a place to hang out and talk film. It was a vastly more social experience than sitting at home scrolling through thumbnails online. We have an almost endless stream of entertainment available at the click of a button, which makes it all the more amazing that a little independent video store can survive in 2020.

I will really miss these places, great memories.