About me

Hi, I’m Ramiro a designer in the caotic but interesting city of Monterrey, Mexico.
Portrait of Ramiro Ruiz

I’m a designer and serial challenge taker with over 15 years of experience in brand and product design, as a happily curious person I’m always looking to learn or find new ways to improve things.

Currently, I’m working as a product designer and in any design-related tasks as the one-person design team at the fast-growing startup Guidewheel.

Previously I’ve helped many early-stage startups with various design needs. From marketing, branding, product design, and Front-end code. I like to be involved in different areas, from business to collaborating side by side with engineers to get the best outcomes.

Proud husband and dad of 3. Most of my free time when I’m not with them is spent either tweaking this site, making pizza, baking sourdough bread, or training Martial Arts and occasionally competing in MMA.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch for anything.