A Colophon is an inscription at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts about its production. Including details about typographic style, the fonts used, the paper used, and perhaps the binding method of the book.

About the site

This website is my online home. It is not perfect and is constantly evolving as myself. It is a bit more inclined to the personal side than the professional one. Like a digital playground where I can experiment with new technologies, share and collect some of my ideas and interests.


There’s an old ongoing joke about designers struggling with creating or updating their portfolios. And it’s true. It’s hard to be your own client. Since I wasn’t been entirely happy with any of the many design variations I was working on. I went ahead and took the MVP route.

Having a good enough base to keep building on top of it. I know I will never be fully satisfied so I’ll eventually build a site changelog to document the many upcoming improvements to this version.

Talking about versions, this is my 4th one. It has a strong focus on typography and white space, like a blank foundation to build upon.

You’re free to view the past and somewhat embarrassing versions.


I’m using two variable fonts on the site and I’m hosting them locally. Work Sans by Wei Huang and Zodiak by Indian Type Foundry


I use GitHub to manage the source code and the site is host d and automatically deployed on Netlify.

This website is currently built using Hugo, a static site generator. With my custom-made theme (V4) .

I fine-tune design details on the site’s pattern library that I built using Fractal.

Posting content

Blog posts are usually written in Markdown using Bear and pushed to my repo using a Shortcut I made that uses GitHub’s API.

Most of my notes are first posted on twitter and then syndicated to the site.


I’m all about what The IndieWeb stands for, and I’m still far from completely IndieWebify my site but I’m working on it.

I receive and show Webmentions on my posts thanks to

While I did some tests and was able to publish using Micropub clients too. I choose to not use them because of the bilingual nature of my site. I try to have most of my posts in both languages and I was able to create a workflow that works for me using a series of shortcuts. I’m sure it can be done with code but currently, that’s beyond the knowledge of this designer.

Web analytics

I’m using Umami, a simple and self-hosted web privacy-focused analytics solution.