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Regular design workshops can help foster a culture of innovation within your organization, providing regular opportunities for employees to come together and think creatively.

Entrepreneur parents are great role models. They show their children the value of hard work, perseverance, and the power of turning their ideas into reality.

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graphic design is undervalued

Most people still think graphic design is just about aesthetics and decoration.

And everyone likes to think they have good taste, it doesn’t help that it’s not always obvious how to measure the results of investing in it.

I love my field, you never get bored. Every challenge is different, you’ll always be developing new skills. Endless opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, wide range of specializations to choose from. It rewards continuous learning and innovation.

I believe that one can learn to design at any stage in life. Embrace the opportunity to continuously learn and discover new aspects of design, as it is a never-ending journey of growth and development.

New @Wikipedia design 👀 Some great improvements, still it would take some time to get use to. I thought I was in the Mobile version.

I like the new language selector. They said they increased the font size but I still see it at 14px 🤔

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what design advice would you give to your younger self?

3 things:

You’re not Apple, so share early, learn how to ask and take feedback and keep improving it.

That feeling that you have when seeing your last year designs. It never goes away, and is a good thing.

Create more experiments and put them out there.

Which design tool will be the first in adding major AI tools and features?

Among all the types of designers, Game UI designers may find the most satisfaction in their work. The process of creating visually engaging and intuitive UI for players sounds super fun. Probably despite the high-pressure reputation in the game industry.

For designers, it’s essential to develop a keen observation skills.

Observe your surroundings, pay attention to details and take note of subtle cues that can inform and inspire your future designs.

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*start design project*

me: this is going to look amazing in my portfolio

client: make the logo bigger, change the blue colour to orange and switch the font to arial

me: absolutely no chance this is going in my portfolio

It hurts because is true.

After the first revision with the client you know the chances of ending up in your portfolio or not.

It’s crucial for students to consider their career paths while in school.

I struggled as a student with poor grades, but found success in design school. I really enjoyed learning more about my passion.

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Looking for a used SUV that has a 3rd row. Considering the following:

• Mazda CX-9

• Nissan Pathfinder

• Honda Pilot

• Kia Sorento

• Ford Explorer

Do you like any of those or recommend something else?

I have the Sorento and the family loves it. The 3rd row has enough space and at a very reasonable price.

The only job security a designer has is in his or her ability to design.

Good design does not have to be expensive. It does have to be thoughtful, well considered and well executed.

There are two types of designers: productive and lazy.

Productive designers stick to the basics, knowing that work must be completed before deadline. Lazy designers waste time scrolling through inspirational sites, delaying deadlines because inspiration has not yet arrived.

It’s crazy how many people in the creative industry don’t get the basic principles of how people see and think. They keep making the same mistake, making designs they like instead of ones that actually work.