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The world is changing fast. What are you doing to keep up?

What has worked for me my entire life is being adaptable.

Being adaptable means being able to shift with the inevitability of change.

💯, I always consider myself very flexible and adaptable. What I’m doing right now is keeping myself up to date (twitter/mailbrew), playing and experimenting with all these new AI tools integrating them in my ever changing workflow.

It’s amusing to see people argue about the “right” way to write ChatGPT prompts.

Which design tool will be the first in adding major AI tools and features?

Embracing AI

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There’s been a lot of hype in AI recently with so many new tools launching. AI has come a long way, and it’s only going to continue to evolve and improve.

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Playing a little with ChatGPT, is pretty amazing and there’s a huge potential here. I’m excited about the next 3 years.

Love how many like to say that “AI is going to replace designers” every year. I get it, they want reactions and clicks. But they’re wrong. For years this profession has evolved with the tools and use them to their advantage and they will continue to do so.