I love my field, you never get bored. Every challenge is different, you’ll always be developing new skills. Endless opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, wide range of specializations to choose from. It rewards continuous learning and innovation.

I believe that one can learn to design at any stage in life. Embrace the opportunity to continuously learn and discover new aspects of design, as it is a never-ending journey of growth and development.

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I do have conflicting thoughts when looking at this:


To be honest design education has always been a muddy world. It's one of those things where you could either pay A LOT or pay nothing and the results might just be the same.

Completely agree, those prices are crazy.

For beginners I would recommend books that touch on design principles. There’s a lot good YouTube videos, free specific ebooks by @uxpin or @InVisionApp and actually a @skillshare membership is pretty great.

Forcing myself into new skills

2 min

One of my greatest strengths is my desire to learn and discover new things. I’ve always been naturally curious, and this curiosity drives me to seek out new knowledge and experiences.

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Trying my best at learning enough react to build my components on storybook. Is funny to feel very smart or very dumb in minutes. Got to say I’m very impressed with storybook.

Update and review of 2019

4 min

A lot of things have been going on this year, and I feel bad by keeping this blog so abandoned. There’s many changes on my site though, and way more activity but more on that later.

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Changing my ways

4 min

A couple months ago, Frank Chimero, a great designer that I’d admired for a long time, wrote about the pain to re-learn many things in the web to keep yourself updated to the latest practices and trends.

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Best resource to learn UI / UX

3 min

The best resource is understanding English. Design is a discipline in constant evolution, the foundations and fundamentals will always be important but the implementation, channels, trends, and people change.

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