Feeling guilty about not producing the same quantity of work after being a parent?

Remember that your priorities have changed, and that’s okay. Your value doesn’t depend on your output. Give yourself a break and focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

Is incredible how few own their mistakes at work.

Everyone’s perfect and is everybody else’s fault. If that would be actually true, way more companies should be thriving.

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what's the worst thing about being a designer?

That because of the visual nature of our work is common for many to think they can do it too, possibly better, as most think to have good taste. So they see it as paying labor hrs. Seeing designers as design software operators.

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

Joining Icalia Labs

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I had a wild 2017, not exactly in a good way. Many sad events happened to my family in that year, thankfully our newborn helped us a lot.

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