I have a very demanding coach.

No excuses, there’s ways to keep myself in shape.

Is always fun on fridays when we move around focusing in control, technique and trying things.

Just be careful with women, they don’t play by the same rules 🙆🏻‍♂️😅

I could not miss No-Gi week 😅. What a great training.

What a fun session of light sparring this morning at @downtown.dojo I surely missed them. I Cut the parts where I get hit 😆

Someone decided to join. 😅❤️

So I tried something new this past month, recording 1sec everyday(sometimes 2)

Is never as good as with other people but it’s something. Planning to hang up more bags soon.

Love my people from Texas but that’s just crazy talk.

The “I throw all these punches to land one” combo. They’re still the most fun to do. First training in the new location, is going to be amazing. 👏🏼