Seeing the CSS variable value on hover is super helpful. Thank you @firefox ❤️


Excited to start a project where I will be able to play with storybook, I had a great experience with Fractal in another project.

I don’t trust people who have the read indicator turned off on their Whatsapp.

Ever meet someone that you can easily tell she’s a big audio message person?

Connecting the dots is a rare and valuable skill. Solving problems that hasn’t been solved before.

Instead collecting dots and consuming. We can produce and share more.

There’s no replacement of getting your hands dirty.

I used to think that good talkers were smarter. Now I know better. Some people have to talk to think, others do not.

Being a great communicator is still a great skill to have.

2019 global problems solutions: Temper tantrums and finger pointing.

Just finished Lost and Founder by @randfish and I can’t recommend it enough.

I want more books 📚 that transparent and honest as this one. 🔥

We just received our second son, we’re super happy! 😄😍

So I’m finally trying VS Code and I hate that they don’t have a easy and keyboard friendly way to duplicate and create files or folders like Atom. 😓

Working again on my RSS feed templates. It is harder than I thought.

There’s a lot of hate in people lately, always with their finger on the trigger.

We have to look for greater tranquility of mind, that´s not the same, and it doesn´t mean ignoring the problems. Stepping on each other is the worst way to advance.

Just saw Marriage Story. Was a little hard to watch, but I still highly recommend it, especially with your partner. Great conversation afterwards.