One thing is running a remote #DesignSprint with everyone in different offices or home offices, and another one is to run it with everyone in their temporary “home offices” while dealing with their kids at the same time.

Today I received an email from my website for a possible new project, when I asked where did he find my site. He answered by searching on @DuckDuckGo

That has to be a great sign right?

I’m quite worried about Mexico, I hope I’m wrong but everything points out that the #COVID-19 it’s going to hit us very hard.

One thing is being loyal and another is being stupid and that line can sometimes be blurry.

I love when people mention that want to add more “design” to specific sections.

It will be interesting to know with so many people forced to experience remote work for the first time if, by the time everything settles down, will they be able to happily come back to their normal routine and commutes?

Starting a project were everyone is using Microsoft’s teams 😰

Another messaging app to have it open.

I had a few fun days in Mexico City, helped me speed up my return to training and see that there are many things I’ve learned over the last 17 years to share with future generations.

I receive an invitation to submit a specific piece from my portfolio for a design award thing. And I was like wow goodbye impostor syndrome 👋🏼🍾🥳

The I found out I need to pay to enter the “competition” 😒 Oh well #BusinessAsUsual now

That moment when you’re so excited to start a new design project until you see their official logo 😔 so sad

Just arrived to Mexico city for a few days to get punch in the face and eat great food. It should be fun.

Today I finished The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen. The book is great, but I end up with mix feelings by knowing the stuff that now know. Ignorance is bliss.

I hate needles, so taking my kids for their vaccines 💉 it’s really hard. Fortunately the mom @karlaleija1 is the brave one in the house in these situations 😘

Man, it’s been awhile since I made some slides to present something, is a lot more work than I remembered.

‪First Concert: Korn‬ ‪Last Concert: Linkin Park‬ ‪Best Concert: Muse‬ ‪Worst Concert: Alanis Morissette‬ ‪Loudest Concert: Metallica‬ ‪Seen the Most: ?‬ ‪Most Surprising: Static-X‬ ‪Next Concert: No plans‬ ‪Wish I Could Have Seen: Michael Jackson‬

Bittersweet feeling after seeing the last episode of the Good place. What a great show.

I have a big remote design sprint next week, so I’ve been playing with @mural to see if it can replace our current methods and I’m very impressed so far.