It’s been some time since I’ve seen a cartoon as good as Bluey. Highly recommended for parents of small kids.

I’ve been trying to improve my tidiness of my Figma files, is hard when I don’t like to delete variants and if I want to edit something I prefer to do it on a duplicate.

I don’t want to lose something that I may want to re-use one day 🤷🏻‍♂️

If you have the basics right you’re timeless. I recently downloaded the NES emulator in the Switch and my 5yr old really loves the classic Mario, and Donking Kong over any recent switch titles.


That should be key when designing web / landing pages. Visitors should understand what’s the value they can get in less than 7 sec.

Strict plans don’t really work.

My kids got sick at the same time, we all barely sleep. Now the focus is their health. What a way to start the week and month.

But if the destination is the same, flexible plans work and they adapts to the circumstances, just like life.

Ok there’s still some broken actions for Mac, I nee to adapt my shortcuts to create some Mac-specific ones for now.

Finally testing shortcuts on the Mac with macOS Monterey 🤩

So happy about the iOS 15.1 update.

It finally fixed all multiple shortcut bugs. 🙌🏼

If you’re reaching out someone to hire them and they currently have a job. You should start the conversation with the salary range and benefits.

Why does recruiters reach to people expecting to waste their time in filters to reveal information.

How many times you’ve regret a risky decision while doing it?

And when everything goes miraculously well, you’re like… you see I said it was easy 😆

We are how we are because we can.

We behave how we do because is possible.

The moment we told ourselves a different story, like we cannot miss a workout for 2 days in a row, I cannot wake up late and miss those precious and quiet hours.

We change.

I understand don’t having to follow the standards and I encourage design experiments on personal sites.

But why messing up with the cursors on company and startups websites???

I don’t understand the trend of changing the cursors 🤌

Just got a DM asking me for a price to use an old dribbble shot I made for a song single. I told him nothing if it puts my name for credits. He prefers to pay and I’ll do some slight changes in return. Is like when you find money on an old jacket🤯

Very impressed with @Birdie_App a new Twitter client.

Digging the clean design and features like the top, new, seen tabs as well as the favorites screen. 👏🏼

Had to edit an old file and it’s being awhile since I opened sketch.

It feels so different, relearning now.

It is important that as a parent. You shouldn’t feel bad about not being productive as before.

Now you’re spending those hours on the most important project of your life. 🙂

For the ones that use a task management app. But also an agile project management one at work.

Do you just use your own for personal / side project tasks or you also duplicate the ones from work too?