Ramiro Ruiz - 78.73°F

Got to design a small Ebook 🙂 first one after many of catalogues and local magazines. I know the general advice is to specialize but I would never be able to just design the same kind of things.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 67.09°F

This would be a great moment to have drive-in cinemas 😢

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Ramiro Ruiz - 72.33°F

I started some explorations for a project in Figma, then I jump into another project that is on Sketch and I have to use illustrator to make a svg graphic.

I can tell my computer is not happy, she’s not responding. 😅😭

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Ramiro Ruiz - 85.73°F

Tough times don’t define you, they refine you. ‪True for people and companies.

Remember, no matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 84.73°F

#TIL that you can view folder sizes in the Finder’s list view on your Mac. 🤯

View -> Show View Options -> check Calculate All Sizes

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Ramiro Ruiz - 91.42°F

I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what it feels to bring a new life to this world and seeing them becoming independent. The more my oldest grows, the more incredible it is for me.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 77.65°F

One thing is running a remote #DesignSprint with everyone in different offices or home offices, and another one is to run it with everyone in their temporary “home offices” while dealing with their kids at the same time.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 73.8°F

Today I received an email from my website for a possible new project, when I asked where did he find my site. He answered by searching on @DuckDuckGo

That has to be a great sign right?

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