I really enjoy looking back on the things I’ve done and tried. It helps me see how far I’ve come and gives me a sense of pride. This year, I’m determined to create more of those. But I know I can’t create them simply by consuming and overanalyzing with no action.

As a designer, I’ve learned that strong collaboration with developers is key for a top-quality product. Not only leads to better outcomes, but also makes the process more efficient and enjoyable. Nothing like the feeling of working with a skilled person that you can trust.

Not sure why design agencies are still using Illustrator for digital banners.

Files are super heavy and less flexible than a simple Figma template with components making very easy to update them.

Feeling guilty about not producing the same quantity of work after being a parent?

Remember that your priorities have changed, and that’s okay. Your value doesn’t depend on your output. Give yourself a break and focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

I’ve been greatly impressed by @AqaraSmarthouse products. Minimal design, easy to setup, just got my 2 curtain drivers ready in a couple of minutes 🤩

Playing a little with ChatGPT, is pretty amazing and there’s a huge potential here. I’m excited about the next 3 years.

Is incredible how few own their mistakes at work.

Everyone’s perfect and is everybody else’s fault. If that would be actually true, way more companies should be thriving.

I lost my wallet earlier today at a very public place. Once I realized and returned it wasn’t there. Luckily the one that found it saw my ID and contacted me on Facebook 🙌🏼 That’s a pro for social media.

Designers are some of the best and quickest people to adapt to new software.

Here’s a tip, get really good at Google slides.

You’ll be loved.

In the last few days I’ve been building a quick MVP in WordPress.

It’s been awhile since the last time I use it, most decent plugins are subscription based ☹️

Had to dust my rudimentary php knowledge.

The absolute feature in auto-layout is so useful 👏🏼 I thought I was going to be doing the frame hack forever.

Sounds cute on paper but sharing an office with your remote working partner is not great.

Overlapping meetings schedule, the music, being bullied if you sing out loud 😢

I do like being in the same place and love our random interactions but we need our own small space to work.

Working on a “hy” logo but I can’t decide on which version.

  1. Keeping the “h” shorter and use it as a eyebrow.
  2. Use same form and act as the head frame.

Which one would you pick?