Ramiro Ruiz - 55.94°F

So happy that I finally had the opportunity to see Parasite. Great movie 🎥 They really know how to do amazing stories and films in Korea.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 80.44°F

The reaction I always get from friends when I talk about the work I do on my website to own my content like notes, replies, photos, etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️


But why
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Ramiro Ruiz - 72.44°F

Nothing can beat remote work when you can have this kind of breaks.


Work break with my son
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Ramiro Ruiz - 69.73°F

Now more than ever, we rather want to be individually right than at peace with each other.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 65.86°F

Trying my best at learning enough react to build my components on storybook. Is funny to feel very smart or very dumb in minutes. Got to say I’m very impressed with storybook.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 59.41°F

Started reading The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen 📚

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Ramiro Ruiz - 57.9°F

Crazy how in illustrator you can’t export artboards as separate PDFs without the elements that are outside of it.

This great script by Matthew made it possible.

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