Ramiro Ruiz - 71.38°F

That feel when you fixed all the bugs and you can actually enjoy the last day of a project.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 90.24°F

Instead of acknowledging talent so much, we should do it more with hard work. Encourage skill over talent, one comes from practice and self-discipline and the other is something you’re born with. And only one has no limits. !lnd

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Ramiro Ruiz - 93.96°F

I’m really excited for the next updates on safari. It’s always my default browser but I find it uncomfortable to develop in it. Hope that will change.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 84.55°F

I’m very happy about the design update by Apple, I now can add more life into some elements without looking outdated. I was never a complete fan of flat UI.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 76.03°F

When we take Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, among others as role models, our children are doing the same to be like us. If being a father doesn’t make you a happier and better person, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy day to all.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 78.81°F

I can only set the volume of my tv or car in multiples of 8. I get so uncomfortable if is on a different number. #8PointGrid

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Ramiro Ruiz - 83.96°F

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

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Ramiro Ruiz - 89.46°F

You know those moments when you’ve been hearing a lot of noise and excitement about something new. That when you try it you kind of want it to suck? Well not this time, after 3 days using HEY is hard not to love it 🤩 Great job @jasonfried @dhh and the team.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 72.52°F

I now have 5 different animations for a svg graphic that get triggered at certain moments. SVG is a complex beast and learning about them has payed off.

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