Ramiro Ruiz - 81.91°F

How painful it is to do email signatures that don’t suck.

Personally I will go with text only but I’m not the client 🙃

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Ramiro Ruiz - 76.86°F

I picked up again the design for my new site after working in some shortcuts for the site too.

But right away I started so see little details that I wanted to change, I know I should focus more on just do enough to ship it but as a designer. It is hard man 😩

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Ramiro Ruiz - 83.61°F

It should be a red flag if you get very bored when you can’t use Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp for a few hours or a day.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 69.9°F

I can control bigger guys with years of experience in the ground. But my harder rounds are with my 1 year old when trying to change his diaper 🙆🏻‍♂️

There’s no training that will ever get you ready for that kind of battles.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 73.07°F

People that put “Lead designer” in their signatures when they’re the only designer in the company.

If they’re so focus on labels they should use “THE designer” looks cooler and is actually true.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 77.18°F

Is awesome when your work is recognized. It should happen in most if not all companies, but it isn’t. I’m so grateful that I am in one that they do, and very often. 🥰

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Ramiro Ruiz - 92.4°F

Seen the design engineer role being used recently. It’s what I’ve been doing for years now. I don’t sit at the middle but make it part of the design process.
Maybe is hard to do that in big companies. I guess my fav position is designer in a startup 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Ramiro Ruiz - 79.37°F

Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing it. I still sometimes get so excited about a specific design idea that I want to jump on the details. But then I get crushed when I remember about other device sizes. 😭

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Ramiro Ruiz - 87.44°F

Looks like I’m going to wait till iPhone 14. My 11 pro still works great, not really impressed with these new updates. #AppleEvent

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