Ramiro Ruiz - 80.51°F

Finished the last dance, is felt a little special that I got to see a little of that era. I remember watching MJ last final on TV. There’s always a great level of obsession in successful people. It has to, the only way to distance yourself from the pack.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 88.98°F

I’m recently seeing a lot of talk about innovation. But the people that are actually innovating are not the ones that are constantly reading and talking about it, but the ones that are constantly making things.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 86.94°F

Big red flag when companies want their employees to stay at level 1 and 2.

Content by @jamesclear

Levels of employees
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Ramiro Ruiz - 93.58°F

Crazy how I was so use to having a small screen computer, from sharing my quick screen shot videos to slack that were around 14mb for some seconds. Just share one from the new 16” MBP and I was 100MB 🤯

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Ramiro Ruiz - 76.05°F

Just changed all my indie post files organization and url structure.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 80.33°F

I’ve been having problems with a video not auto playing in just some phones 😥 no idea why, works on mine and many others but a few see the play button. So weird.

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Ramiro Ruiz - 83.3°F

When you are getting desperate because the changes are not being reflected until you realize you’re not looking at local but staging. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Ramiro Ruiz - 80.17°F

Titok editing tools are impressive. There’s a loooot of options.

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