Looking for a great serie to watch? #GiriHaji is amazing, I need more of that kind of quality and originality.

Love how many like to say that “AI is going to replace designers” every year. I get it, they want reactions and clicks. But they’re wrong. For years this profession has evolved with the tools and use them to their advantage and they will continue to do so.

It never gets old.

Getting my feet wet with react and vue when what I really need is an intense course on Git 🤦🏻‍♂️

A certain way of improving one’s work is by being in a positions of saying no. That gets you better clients, projects and more time for each one. Easier said than done, I couldn’t afford to say no until this year.

#TIL no idea that you can go back in time in street view with the little clock icon. This super interesting.

Good design matters. There are always customers that go for the cheapest option. And others that look for the one that take great care of them and their experience. Actions attracts clients, we should act to attract the ones we want.

Prototypes are not that popular or as talked as they use to 3 years ago but if you’re a quick doing them they’re super valuable.

I was being lucky but I now know someone personally that has Corona 😥

That feel when you fixed all the bugs and you can actually enjoy the last day of a project.

Instead of acknowledging talent so much, we should do it more with hard work. Encourage skill over talent, one comes from practice and self-discipline and the other is something you’re born with. And only one has no limits.

I’m really excited for the next updates on safari. It’s always my default browser but I find it uncomfortable to develop in it. Hope that will change.

I’m very happy about the design update by Apple, I now can add more life into some elements without looking outdated. I was never a complete fan of flat UI.

When we take Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, among others as role models, our children are doing the same to be like us. If being a father doesn’t make you a happier and better person, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy day to all.

I can only set the volume of my tv or car in multiples of 8. I get so uncomfortable if is on a different number.

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

You know those moments when you’ve been hearing a lot of noise and excitement about something new. That when you try it you kind of want it to suck? Well not this time, after 3 days using HEY is hard not to love it 🤩 Great job @jasonfried @dhh and the team.

I now have 5 different animations for a svg graphic that get triggered at certain moments. SVG is a complex beast and learning about them has payed off.