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So now nature is the only inspiration source.

Like “I don’t know how to do this, I need to stare at some trees to get the answer”

Finally fixed my RSS feeds, now the images are showing and I have links for All, Notes, Replies and Photos. More content and feeds to come.

Just starting using indie readers and wow 😮 I’m impressed. Super easy to consume and interact with content.

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I've reached the point in this last year of working on my personal site in fits and spurts, where I think I've over-designed and over-engineered it into an overly robust system versus making the content that should live on it. What started out as very simple became complex.

Never ending story for me. It took me forever to publish personal stuff, till recently, I just started to ship bit by bit and accepted that my site will always be a WIP.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.

— Denis Waitley

While refactoring old styles on a project and I found a class with more rules than it needed because it had position: flex so they’re extra rules the compensates the undetected mistake.

The author, me… 👀🤫

Don’t stop after the first or second version. No matter how good you think they are.

I hate when in talks or keynotes, the speaker asks trick questions to the audience.

Is selfish. It puts people on the spot and is always just to correct them in front of everyone.

‪Why many are bad at giving feedback?‬

‪By being asked, most of the times, it makes them think they’re superior. That’s why there’s more negative comments than positive. There’s fear on losing the higher status so is safer to put people down.‬

Just discovering the site, where it is clear that in addition to the name we share the same interest in Mexican nature, architecture and archaeology. 👏🏼

I’m a fan of the new Arcade bars / restaurants concept. Excellent option to change it a little of the default ones.