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We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen

We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen, we should worry that they are always watching. — Robert Fulghum

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With loads of happiness and some impostor syndrome let me share with you that I will be speaking at Smashing Conf next year 😊‪ …‬

Congrats! 👏🏼

Trying to make a IFTTT webhook to work, keep getting error 400 😓

Today has been very productive half day.

The Design System is now on production.

Just saw the teenage mutant ninja turtles episode of the toys that made us on Netflix.

What a great story! Big fan and proud owner of many TMNT toys.

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It’s amazing what a few minutes in Photoshop can do. Btw, meet my side of the family. Mom, Dad, older brother and his fam.‪

It is! My son was a little afraid to sit with Santa so…

Just upgraded from my old iPhone 6 to a 11 pro and is ridiculous how much I was missing.

RTS Hawkeye Design System Home Page

Got the approval for a second phase 🙌🏼, Now I will have more time to clean some stuff up so I can share it publicly.

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Who proposes to a 5yr old big product to build a Design System, refactor the markup and styles, make it responsive for the first time and setup the tool for the component library by the end of November, while being the only designer of the 3 running projects for that application.‪

Just pushed the last docs. The first release is ready 🎉 with one day to spare I’ll be laying if I don’t say I feel super proud and happy of this project.

It already made my life easier while designing the new products.

This is crazy. How important are the eating habits.

Saw this in a @JoelJamieson webinar.

I can’t believe how much it took me to start using iOS shortcuts.

It makes my phone feel powerful again.

I’m the worst at taking the time to make beautiful compositions of my own work. That’s why my portfolio is always dated. 😪