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I’ve got a bit of time to dig back into this. This shortcut runs two other shortcuts. Any chance you could share them too too. I can see the one you shared grabs the contents of the tweet and prepares it to pass to the reply but would be great to see it end to end.

Yeah no problem, give me a couple of minutes to clean them up since those shortcuts are set for two type: ‘replies’ languages as my site is multilingual.

2019 global problems solutions: Temper tantrums and finger pointing.

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Do you have an alternative dream job if you couldn't work in tech anymore? The only other jobs I've ever been good at are paramedic and struggling musician.

MMA Coach, but is not easy to make enough money. Other ones are pizzaiolo and archeologist.

Just finished Lost and Founder by @randfish and I can’t recommend it enough.

I want more books 📚 that transparent and honest as this one. 🔥

We just received our second son, we’re super happy! 😄😍

Ramiro Ruiz

New company photos are out, I like this one, not sure if I should use it as my new

So I’m finally trying VS Code and I hate that they don’t have a easy and keyboard friendly way to duplicate and create files or folders like Atom. 😓

Working again on my RSS feed templates. It is harder than I thought.

There’s a lot of hate in people lately, always with their finger on the trigger.

We have to look for greater tranquility of mind, that´s not the same, and it doesn´t mean ignoring the problems. Stepping on each other is the worst way to advance.

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If I’ve got this working correctly. This note has been posted to my site using an iOS shortcut I’ve built, syndicated to twitter using a lambda function post ‪@netlify‬ build. Thanks to the work done by ‪@mxbck‬ loving the ‪#indieweb

That’s awesome 👏🏼 I also mostly use iOS shortcuts for my indie posts, like this reply.

For syndication I don’t really know about lambda functions. I do it with the help of by send it them a webmention.

Just saw Marriage Story. Was a little hard to watch, but I still highly recommend it, especially with your partner. Great conversation afterwards.