Hahaha ✋🏼😅 hey I didn’t say I don’t like them, just that I’m seeing them everywhere. My current site has a purplish gradient 😂 so I’m guilty too

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Playbook for new app: 1. Combining all of your other apps 2. Geometric, friendly sans serif 2. Clipart illustrations 3. Purple 4. Whooshy swooshy animations on scroll 5. Over-familiar copywriting 6. Light mint green 7. Infuriating onboarding that will. not. stop. pestering. you.

Random geometric elements are the new purple gradients.

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📝New blog post: Why don't we personal website owners collect all the feeds we generate at one central place, for example on a /feeds page? A place for RSS feeds of your blog posts, favorited items, or even tweets. Like this:

Great idea! I have many feeds for the different post types in my site and I’m definitely going to make one!

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As Designers we think it's our job to come up with the best idea. The one that will best solve our users problems, and therefore our stakeholder problems. In truth our job is to come up with the least objectionable idea. The one we can safely navigate through the various gates.

Sharing early unfinished work helps me, communicating the reasoning of my decisions and being open to feedback. It makes them feel and actually be part of the result while you’re still responsible of how it turns out. Doesn’t matter who had the best idea.

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why is it that designers struggle with sharing their work with the exact people they should be sharing their work with? (clients, stakeholders, etc.)

Insecurity, not be willing to change directions or being able to explain and backup their decisions.

Sharing unfinished work is a pro hack that I’ve been enjoying the last 3 years, I wish I started sooner.

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🦊 Oh my GOODNESS, responsive design turns ten today! Here’s how it happened, and who helped *make* it happen:‪ …‬

I remember back them when I thought I knew that the only way was doing those complex fluid sorcery you were writing about in your great blog. Until that post 🤯

Congrats! Always an inspiration.

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I avoid deleting the first versions of most designs, I keep duplicating artboards and iterate on the new ones. But I want to make it clear which are the old ones so I don’t confuse people or comment on past versions.

I can add them in a different page but that’s adding a click to the process. Now I’ve been placing them inside a colored background with a “past versions” label. Open to hear other ways.

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How'd you do that? And if there isn't a link to the site on the POSSE, then how on earth does one find the original?

Bridgy does a posse-post-discovery, I have a <link rel=“feed” In my site’s head, pointing to all my notes that have a u-syndication link. More details here: Happy to answer any more questions.

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If you have a personal website: What did you use to build your site? And what do you like most about it? 🤗

I use @GoHugoIO and I love the speed, flexibility and the active and helpful community.

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What would it look like to build personal websites with incremental correctness in mind? Some thoughts:‪ …‬

Great post, I’m building a pattern library for my site to make it easier to improve and iterate on it. I found that a major problem is going back and trying to understand old code and seeing many mistakes that we think that is better start from scratch.

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Nice, I also publish various types of posts to my site by using shortcuts. This reply is one of them. Are you using the twitter api? (

Duh 🤦🏻‍♂️ never mind, just took a better look and is the twitter shortcut extension.

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Interesting. I believe one factor that hurt UX was many graphic designers changing their title to UXD to earn more money. Graphic Design is an important element of ux design but it's not the entire pie. Neither is UXD- though it always wants to be.‪ ‬

That’s why I always hated the title soup in design of recent years. I still want to call myself web designer like back in the day but nobody is looking for that position now 🤦🏻‍♂️