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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Hey runners! What is your favorite app to track your route, pace, and progress over time?

Strava lacks options, I use iSmoothRun is has all the ones you’ll need. An Apple Watch app and exports your workouts to Strava.

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What’s one accomplishment from this year you’re proud of and one goal for the new year? For me: ✨ 2019: Lead a big company-wide product project 🎯 2020: Climb up my career ladder

Pitch, design and develop my first Design System.

In 2020 I’m looking to ship 2 side projects and start a meetup.

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I’ve got a bit of time to dig back into this. This shortcut runs two other shortcuts. Any chance you could share them too too. I can see the one you shared grabs the contents of the tweet and prepares it to pass to the reply but would be great to see it end to end.

Yeah no problem, give me a couple of minutes to clean them up since those shortcuts are set for two type: ‘replies’ languages as my site is multilingual.

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Do you have an alternative dream job if you couldn't work in tech anymore? The only other jobs I've ever been good at are paramedic and struggling musician.

MMA Coach, but is not easy to make enough money. Other ones are pizzaiolo and archeologist.

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If I’ve got this working correctly. This note has been posted to my site using an iOS shortcut I’ve built, syndicated to twitter using a lambda function post ‪@netlify‬ build. Thanks to the work done by ‪@mxbck‬ loving the ‪#indieweb

That’s awesome 👏🏼 I also mostly use iOS shortcuts for my indie posts, like this reply.

For syndication I don’t really know about lambda functions. I do it with the help of by send it them a webmention.

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With loads of happiness and some impostor syndrome let me share with you that I will be speaking at Smashing Conf next year 😊‪ …‬

Congrats! 👏🏼

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It’s amazing what a few minutes in Photoshop can do. Btw, meet my side of the family. Mom, Dad, older brother and his fam.‪

It is! My son was a little afraid to sit with Santa so…

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Who proposes to a 5yr old big product to build a Design System, refactor the markup and styles, make it responsive for the first time and setup the tool for the component library by the end of November, while being the only designer of the 3 running projects for that application.‪

Just pushed the last docs. The first release is ready 🎉 with one day to spare I’ll be laying if I don’t say I feel super proud and happy of this project.

It already made my life easier while designing the new products.

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Something I've been mulling over recently, would love to discuss. Design is slowly learning lessons that engineering teams have already solved. Why don't we embrace them more? Versioning✅, components✅, documentation🤷‍♂️, ticketing🚫, agile planning🚫, architecture reviews🚫etc

Because we are wild creative creatures that need complete freedom to wait until inspiration comes 🙄

Even designing in chunks (components) instead of the whole screen is avoided. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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So now nature is the only inspiration source. Like “I don’t know how to do this, I need to stare at some trees to get the answer” (

I do like to go for walks to clear my mind but let’s not abuse and give the idea that nothing else influence our work. Let’s give credit to those who deserve it.

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I've reached the point in this last year of working on my personal site in fits and spurts, where I think I've over-designed and over-engineered it into an overly robust system versus making the content that should live on it. What started out as very simple became complex.

Never ending story for me. It took me forever to publish personal stuff, till recently, I just started to ship bit by bit and accepted that my site will always be a WIP.