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The world is changing fast. What are you doing to keep up?

What has worked for me my entire life is being adaptable.

Being adaptable means being able to shift with the inevitability of change.

💯, I always consider myself very flexible and adaptable. What I’m doing right now is keeping myself up to date (twitter/mailbrew), playing and experimenting with all these new AI tools integrating them in my ever changing workflow.

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@ramiroruiz Yo pienso todo lo contrario. Estudié arquitectura y siempre pensé que no podría diseñar mi propia casa.

Eso es un problema común con perfeccionismo y se ve tanto tmb en diseñadores cuando diseñamos para nosotros como el branding o sitio web. Somos nuestro peor crítico 😅

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@dainal 2 young kids. Does that count? It should.

Well raising children is the most important project for parents. I have 3 young ones.

Not exactly the same as other ones as you cannot abandon them if they’re not “performing well” or sell them for profit… at least not in my country 👀

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@ramiroruiz that may not go over well if it becomes obvious and constant from your cross-posts that you’re referencing something specific to twitter on a mastodon timeline. Especially if it is a reply and lacks context.

@JustMrLarz yeah that would be bad, is not completely automatic. I have to choose what to send that step is where I add the note tags and review the translation to post to my Spanish account.

That helps me avoid confusing posts like you mention. I rarely post live event tweets to my site, and replies are only sent to my website with the original author note for context.

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graphic design is undervalued

Most people still think graphic design is just about aesthetics and decoration.

And everyone likes to think they have good taste, it doesn’t help that it’s not always obvious how to measure the results of investing in it.

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what design advice would you give to your younger self?

3 things:

You’re not Apple, so share early, learn how to ask and take feedback and keep improving it.

That feeling that you have when seeing your last year designs. It never goes away, and is a good thing.

Create more experiments and put them out there.

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*start design project*

me: this is going to look amazing in my portfolio

client: make the logo bigger, change the blue colour to orange and switch the font to arial

me: absolutely no chance this is going in my portfolio

It hurts because is true.

After the first revision with the client you know the chances of ending up in your portfolio or not.

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Looking for a used SUV that has a 3rd row. Considering the following:

• Mazda CX-9

• Nissan Pathfinder

• Honda Pilot

• Kia Sorento

• Ford Explorer

Do you like any of those or recommend something else?

I have the Sorento and the family loves it. The 3rd row has enough space and at a very reasonable price.

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I do have conflicting thoughts when looking at this:

To be honest design education has always been a muddy world. It's one of those things where you could either pay A LOT or pay nothing and the results might just be the same.

Completely agree, those prices are crazy.

For beginners I would recommend books that touch on design principles. There’s a lot good YouTube videos, free specific ebooks by @uxpin or @InVisionApp and actually a @skillshare membership is pretty great.

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Do you have a personal website or blog? I’m curious: What tech stack/tool/service are you using? And would you pick it again today? 🤗

RT=💚 for all the people who want to get started with their own site as well!

Hugo with my custom-made Theme, GitHub, Netlify.

Post notes, replies and likes from Twitter with an iOS Shortcut, Blog posts from Bear with the help of other Shortcut.

Couldn’t be happier with this stack.

More details on:

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@ramiroruiz Does paying the subscription price for 1-2 months save you more than doing it yourself? For me I usually weight that option before doing it myself 😁. Some time I still end up doing it myself thou 😜

There’s is one that looks too time consuming to do it myself, so if it gets traction is the first one I’ll pay.

The main thing is that I want a quick and cheap way to start before bring someone to do it properly. I don’t want to grow it inside of WordPress for long.

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what's the worst thing about being a designer?

That because of the visual nature of our work is common for many to think they can do it too, possibly better, as most think to have good taste. So they see it as paying labor hrs. Seeing designers as design software operators.

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@ramiroruiz Congrats on the new baby! And thanks for saying this Ramiro.

We are just being honest with ourselves - it takes time to nurture the love 😊

Now - how are you managing two toddlers and a newborn? I am scared! 😆 having one baby seems easy relatively

By being incredibly adaptable, big change is from 1 to 2 kids. Most things were easier with 1 but they need more attention since It’s just them. A sibling helps a lot and is something else watching them play together. But it still is a lot of team work with my wife.

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My GirlDad's confession:

Pregnancy: don't feel much about being a dad

Birth: oh wow this is ... cute

0-6mo: how does this work?

Now 15mo: every day I'm like "I love you I love you you cutie pie!"

I have 3. Oldest is 5 and youngest 3m.

When they were born I felt a big relief but no magical instant love. I thought I was being a bad dad, but everyone is different. The more they grow and more experiences I share with them, the more I love them.