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Designers are some of the best and quickest people to adapt to new software.

Here’s a tip, get really good at Google slides.

You’ll be loved.

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Do you have a personal website or blog? I’m curious: What tech stack/tool/service are you using? And would you pick it again today? 🤗

RT=💚 for all the people who want to get started with their own site as well!

Hugo with my custom-made Theme, GitHub, Netlify.

Post notes, replies and likes from Twitter with an iOS Shortcut, Blog posts from Bear with the help of other Shortcut.

Couldn’t be happier with this stack.

More details on:

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@ramiroruiz Does paying the subscription price for 1-2 months save you more than doing it yourself? For me I usually weight that option before doing it myself 😁. Some time I still end up doing it myself thou 😜

There’s is one that looks too time consuming to do it myself, so if it gets traction is the first one I’ll pay.

The main thing is that I want a quick and cheap way to start before bring someone to do it properly. I don’t want to grow it inside of WordPress for long.

In the last few days I’ve been building a quick MVP in WordPress.

It’s been awhile since the last time I use it, most decent plugins are subscription based ☹️

Had to dust my rudimentary php knowledge.

The absolute feature in auto-layout is so useful 👏🏼 I thought I was going to be doing the frame hack forever.

Sounds cute on paper but sharing an office with your remote working partner is not great.

Overlapping meetings schedule, the music, being bullied if you sing out loud 😢

I do like being in the same place and love our random interactions but we need our own small space to work.

Working on a “hy” logo but I can’t decide on which version.

  1. Keeping the “h” shorter and use it as a eyebrow.
  2. Use same form and act as the head frame.

Which one would you pick?

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what's the worst thing about being a designer?

That because of the visual nature of our work is common for many to think they can do it too, possibly better, as most think to have good taste. So they see it as paying labor hrs. Seeing designers as design software operators.

I would like to see more of the progressions of various design pieces. Seeing the iterations and the reasons behind each new one.

Would that be interesting for other folks besides me?

They’re so many great Disney songs but Phil Collins work in Tarzan hits different.

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@ramiroruiz Congrats on the new baby! And thanks for saying this Ramiro.

We are just being honest with ourselves - it takes time to nurture the love 😊

Now - how are you managing two toddlers and a newborn? I am scared! 😆 having one baby seems easy relatively

By being incredibly adaptable, big change is from 1 to 2 kids. Most things were easier with 1 but they need more attention since It’s just them. A sibling helps a lot and is something else watching them play together. But it still is a lot of team work with my wife.

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My GirlDad's confession:

Pregnancy: don't feel much about being a dad

Birth: oh wow this is ... cute

0-6mo: how does this work?

Now 15mo: every day I'm like "I love you I love you you cutie pie!"

I have 3. Oldest is 5 and youngest 3m.

When they were born I felt a big relief but no magical instant love. I thought I was being a bad dad, but everyone is different. The more they grow and more experiences I share with them, the more I love them.

Besides time, investing in your health and fitness is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids.

I don’t think I would ever move from IC world while working for companies.

I have many reasons but seeing the number of meetings my wife has everyday as a project manager is definitely scary. I know there’s people that get energy from that but not me 😰

Friends that you haven’t seen in many years that when you do it feels like time hasn’t passed at all.

Working on another shortcut to upload posts with images to my site from Bear. 🙃

I want to remove all frictions to quickly share either from my iPad, phone or computer.

I wanted to finish a presentation for a progress call I had today.

But the baby had other plans. Instead, I showed my canvas and talked about the reasons behind the versions. They were very interested. We end up using parts of an old version in the new one. 🙌

People that can’t take or make jokes on themselves live a pretty sad life.

Many say that they don’t like meetings but they keep scheduling them. They think is a way to “work” but most of the time is the opposite.

Some get ideas while talking but is not an excuse to not do your job. Either learn to write well or show up prepared to have a short call.

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If English is not your first launguage — have you ever considered using it on Twitter?

Why you are not using it yet?

I struggle with this for some time. Mixing isn’t good for readers.

I wish Twitter had an option like Facebook pages, adding the other language version of the tweet.

I end up creating another account @ramiroruiz_ES and I use a shortcut to speed things up and tweet in both.

How common is that when you’re ready, have time and are constantly looking for “X”, nothing happens.

Then all of the sudden, you receive everything at once. 🙃

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@ramiroruiz @rosiesherry Hey there Ramiro. Which part are thinking might be time-consuming, building the company or ensuring it's community-led?

I'm a mom too and can relate. It helps that our co-founders are quick to iterate on what works/doesn't. At early stage, "action" is quite slow too

Initiating, I’m by myself in this project and I’m not sure if the time I need to build a solid data base that would be attractive to the community be worth it.

Happy to being proven wrong. But my model doesn’t expect to charge people from the community.

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Design advice that stuck with me. It’s easier to critique than create. Lately I’ve been feeling extra critique-y in some areas. Whenever I notice this I remind myself that I need to do the extra work to propose a solution instead of just point out the problems

True, and also is easier to edit than creating the first version.

Sometimes it may feel like the reviewer is way better but is actually not the hardest part.

At my wife’s new job they use Skype and WhatsApp groups for their communication.🤦🏻‍♂️

She’s not happy at all about that, and my teasing is not helping 😅

Reminder to all fellow designers.

You’re not a design tool operator.

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Who is exploring building companies with a real community mindset?

I see so many companies breaking internally — surely community starts from within?

I'd love to chat, explore, mingle, collaborate.

I am ✋but I haven’t really started yet.

To be honest I’m somewhat afraid how time consuming it will be until I can make any kind of remuneration. And as a father. I try to be careful with how I spend my free time.

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I've been thinking of sharing my thoughts about the term "designing in the browser" and why I think it should be called "tweaking in the browser" instead.

Would you be interested in such an article?

Yeah, I remember when that term started to come up. The first person I saw it mentioned was @Malarkey

I use to do that back then, not anymore. Big coincidence that yesterday I publish a post talking about that and other past processes I used.

TIL Control and D acts as a forward delete on the iPad Magic Keyboard.

I’m finishing my new shortcut to quickly publish blog posts. This is one of my main focuses on this new redesign. The last version had a lot of required things that added friction to the blogging experience. I wrote very little as a result.

Now I’m starting very flexible, no need to define a featured image or a post color. No defined text length, and more importantly, no need to open my computer to write and publish.

Right now, I’m doing everything from my iPad, but I can also do it from my phone, and of course, the computer too. I’m writing it in bear and sharing the note through an iOS shortcut. Still using the same I use for the notes, I just added a few changes to have the option for blog posts.

So now that I don’t have an excuse anymore, you should be seeing more from me.

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@ramiroruiz 💬 Reply to @ramiroruiz::

> Couple months ago, worse thing for me is that I was stuck in the “Figma (design) phase” thankfully I recently changed my approach and shipped an MVP version and I’m still tweaking it but I’m more happy now.


> — **Ramiro…

Thank you!

And yes 100% recommend It is very straightforward, and I certainly don’t need a lot. Is just to satisfy my curiosity from time to time.

I have no words for what happened today at the soccer game in Queretaro. Is very concerning that most fan groups in the country have people capable of this kind of violence.

Authorities need to take action. We should have family environments in the stadiums.

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How old were you when you accepted you’ll never be done “polishing” your personal website? This perpetual redesign is no longer a phase.

Couple months ago, worse thing for me is that I was stuck in the “Figma (design) phase” thankfully I recently changed my approach and shipped an MVP version and I’m still tweaking it but I’m more happy now.

Differences in job interview questions.

My wife always gets many about kids, her daily routine, daycare/school times, and how she manages to care for one if sick.

I have never been asked about that, and I have always brought my kids up in the conversation.

I was so close to push the MVP of my site redesign, until I remember about dark mode styles and after that it took me to some refactors and other details I found. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I will stop after these last things, I promise.

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@ramiroruiz @darylginn Why is a design never finished?

Design needs to meet business needs, and those evolve and change with time. Same with trends and the people that business is trying to serve.

They’re certainly milestones but I don’t think we should design a piece and forget about it. Is an iterative process.

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If you could give some design advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Get comfortable sharing WIP designs sooner. That doesn’t make you a bad designer and the outcome will be better.

Remember that a design is never finished.

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Making an interface feel "friendlier" —

Increase text size

Increase corner radius

Soften drop shadows

Add more color

Micro animations on interactions

What else?

Softer color contrast. Like not using 100% black.

Enough space. Custom and personalized error or success messages.

When in doubt Left align the text.

I’ve seen so many long blocks of text centered. It makes them harder to read. It only works with few lines of text.

Having fun writing the colophon page for my upcoming site redesign.

I’m not sure if I should include a lot of details or keeping it simple. 🤔

It doesn’t matter that the design software were I spend most of my time now is Figma.

For branding or path heavy projects I still jump into Illustrator and it still feels like home.

It is tiring and it might not be very productive. But I try to always say yes when my kids ask me to play or sleep with them.

I’m scared of the day when they’ll stop asking.

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I know it sounds stupid and simplistic, but the key to making progress is taking action.

Big change for me is being comfortable doing small (10min) tasks and be happy with that, one a day is good enough.

Before I would wait forever to have the “right time”

It may not be the same to everyone but every time I start a design by sketching on paper I get to the desired result quicker.

Even when I sometimes trick myself by skipping that part to start directly in the computer to be “Faster” 🤦🏻‍♂️

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I was recently asked where I stay up to date with web and tech. Twitter, of course but I also review a few websites, Instagram and frequent many Discord and Slack communities. What about you?

For me is mostly Twitter, newsletters and a few RSS feeds. I use to join various slack communities but it was too much noise.

Looking for someone to cover me with product design support at my company while I’m on parental leave.

2 candidates already mentioned that they don’t work with engineers, they are always with the “strategy” team. They just sends their mockup link. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Banks going completely digital sounded cool until you have any kind of problem and to resolve it you are welcomed by long waitings with recordings to get a 24 to 72 hrs response from an actual person.

You make all these plans and get everything ready to start, but then your kids get sick and now you barely can do anything else than caring for them for a couple of weeks 😩

I’m very happy, my wife is officially off Covid today just before Christmas and now the family is finally together.

Seeing the #BeatlesGetBack is incredible. Is always a little weird when you get to see geniuses on their day to day.

Is hard to believe that they were just regular people.The part of accepting that they were like us. That we can also do great things.

Life doesn’t send you event invitations so you can fit them in your busy calendar.

There’s no wait, you have to accept it. Unexpected things happen, there’s no way around it.

It reminds you about your real priorities.

While I’m not a fan of all algorithms, I’m very happy with my for you page on TikTok.

The parenting content is on another level🔥

If you NEVER heard him/her saying something like “I’m sorry, my fault” without a “but…”


People in their 20’s talking about their caffein pills. Same for the ones that can’t feel energized enough without their coffee / energy drink, etc.

How about sleep healthy hrs and exercise a little?

It’s been some time since I’ve seen a cartoon as good as Bluey. Highly recommended for parents of small kids.

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Do you think a blog post needs a featured image? Why? Why not?

I don’t think so, it is a quick way to grab attention or comunícate what does that post talks about but it is a pain to maintain. I use to have my blog this way and finding / making the right image became an obstacle to write more. I would advise to keep it optional.

I’ve been trying to improve my tidiness of my Figma files, is hard when I don’t like to delete variants and if I want to edit something I prefer to do it on a duplicate.

I don’t want to lose something that I may want to re-use one day 🤷🏻‍♂️

If you have the basics right you’re timeless. I recently downloaded the NES emulator in the Switch and my 5yr old really loves the classic Mario, and Donking Kong over any recent switch titles.


That should be key when designing web / landing pages. Visitors should understand what’s the value they can get in less than 7 sec.

Strict plans don’t really work.

My kids got sick at the same time, we all barely sleep. Now the focus is their health. What a way to start the week and month.

But if the destination is the same, flexible plans work and they adapts to the circumstances, just like life.

Ok there’s still some broken actions for Mac, I nee to adapt my shortcuts to create some Mac-specific ones for now.

Finally testing shortcuts on the Mac with macOS Monterey 🤩

So happy about the iOS 15.1 update.

It finally fixed all multiple shortcut bugs. 🙌🏼

If you’re reaching out someone to hire them and they currently have a job. You should start the conversation with the salary range and benefits.

Why does recruiters reach to people expecting to waste their time in filters to reveal information.

How many times you’ve regret a risky decision while doing it?

And when everything goes miraculously well, you’re like… you see I said it was easy 😆

We are how we are because we can.

We behave how we do because is possible.

The moment we told ourselves a different story, like we cannot miss a workout for 2 days in a row, I cannot wake up late and miss those precious and quiet hours.

We change.

I understand don’t having to follow the standards and I encourage design experiments on personal sites.

But why messing up with the cursors on company and startups websites???

I don’t understand the trend of changing the cursors 🤌

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Just got a DM asking me for a price to use an old dribbble shot I made for a song single. I told him nothing if it puts my name for credits.

He prefers to pay and I'll do some slight changes in return. Is like when you find money on an old jacket🤯

So that’s why they say that the more you do the more lucky you get. I probably should start sharing / posting more. 🤔

Just got a DM asking me for a price to use an old dribbble shot I made for a song single. I told him nothing if it puts my name for credits. He prefers to pay and I’ll do some slight changes in return. Is like when you find money on an old jacket🤯

Very impressed with @Birdie_App a new Twitter client.

Digging the clean design and features like the top, new, seen tabs as well as the favorites screen. 👏🏼

Had to edit an old file and it’s being awhile since I opened sketch.

It feels so different, relearning now.

It is important that as a parent. You shouldn’t feel bad about not being productive as before.

Now you’re spending those hours on the most important project of your life. 🙂

For the ones that use a task management app. But also an agile project management one at work.

Do you just use your own for personal / side project tasks or you also duplicate the ones from work too?

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A content framework that works:

Tweet about stuff that’s obvious to your peers but can be life changing to your younger self from 3-4 years ago

There are millions of people who could benefit from your unique perspective, wisdom & encouragement

Be a spark for others ⚡️

Spot on! I want to be more active but I tend to wait for that “right tweet” that never shows up and end up thinking that I would never be able to share that much quantity and quality like many.

This advice is a great first step. Thank you.

How painful it is to do email signatures that don’t suck.

Personally I will go with text only but I’m not the client 🙃

I picked up again the design for my new site after working in some shortcuts for the site too.

But right away I started so see little details that I wanted to change, I know I should focus more on just do enough to ship it but as a designer. It is hard man 😩

It should be a red flag if you get very bored when you can’t use Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp for a few hours or a day.

I can control bigger guys with years of experience in the ground. But my harder rounds are with my 1 year old when trying to change his diaper 🙆🏻‍♂️

There’s no training that will ever get you ready for that kind of battles.

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Is just me or does anyone else find it hard to pay attention to podcasts and audiobooks.

I just drift off 🤦‍♂️

Me too. Podcasts only when driving and I stopped with audiobooks, I was feeling good about myself with all the books I was finishing. But I was just retaining few ideas from each one. I also forget when reading but at least I’m making notes and highlights along the way.

People that put “Lead designer” in their signatures when they’re the only designer in the company.

If they’re so focus on labels they should use “THE designer” looks cooler and is actually true.

Is awesome when your work is recognized. It should happen in most if not all companies, but it isn’t. I’m so grateful that I am in one that they do, and very often. 🥰

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This week, we recall our most recent “wow” moments with the products in our lives. What are yours? In The Sidebar, we talk about different loading state strategies and their impact on the user experience.


I think the last one was while using FigJam, so many great features like adding components.

I’m currently using it to run a design sprint and is working great! More fun and flexible than Mural or Miro in my opinion.

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People (myself included), only share the end result, but never the countless revisions and terrible concepts it took them to get there. Don't doubt yourself thinking everyone else gets it right the first time but you. You're doing just fine.

💯 It gets easier with time knowing that is not from idea to a perfection dribbble-like result. I’ve been thinking in creating a small side project showing and talking about those ugly first versions and the progression in designers 🤔

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My challenge: - Sometimes I'm super organized (e.g. collecting feedback, turning it into actionable changes in my product, etc.) - However, I tend to lose consistency with this, over time. Can you help me? What can I do to become more consistent with the things I should do?

I’m in the same situation, I lose track and throw any excuse to make me feel a little better. Something that I’m trying is starting small and make the steps easier to do. “Atomic habits”

Seen the design engineer role being used recently. It’s what I’ve been doing for years now. I don’t sit at the middle but make it part of the design process. Maybe is hard to do that in big companies. I guess my fav position is designer in a startup 🤷🏻‍♂️

Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been doing it. I still sometimes get so excited about a specific design idea that I want to jump on the details. But then I get crushed when I remember about other device sizes. 😭

Looks like I’m going to wait till iPhone 14. My 11 pro still works great, not really impressed with these new updates. #AppleEvent

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Somebody should release a dynamic “Cerro de la Silla” dynamic wall paper in time for the release of macOS “Monterrey”.

That’s actually a good idea, I will if I can find a free HQ photo of my beloved “Cerro de la Silla” to work with.

Pleasantly surprised of the changes and updates of @frctl it’s been awhile since I used.

Super useful and easy to use.

The last 7 days I’ve progressed more in the redesign of my personal website than the last 2 years where I kind of started.

I wanted big blocks of time. It didn’t work. The excuse, lack of time.

Now I’m doing a MVP redesign and work on it everyday even when I only have 15min.

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Hello, I’m Noah and I hide in the closet and eat cookies so my kids don’t see.

I don’t hide in the closet I just silently walk to the kitchen and eat them there as quick as possible. 😅

I hate that is not easy for me to hang up people calling me for promotions or offering cards but I kind of feel bad and many times I let them finish they entire pitch. I can’t help it 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Considering lasik eye surgery. Have you had it done? What are your thoughts?

Life changing, here in Mexico is around $300 dollars with the same professional equipment. I’d bring 2 US friends here to do theirs, couldn’t be happier. Do it!

Still can’t believe that there’s still people (27+) that just let their employer know that they’re not coming back next week. Without problems just wanted something different. With projects assigned and running. Leaving the mess to the rest of the team.

I forgot how weak is my skin that it gets all red and scratched once I started training again at a high level. I look like I’m sick. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Never underestimate the importance of a good bed. Of all the expensive things you can buy this should be at the top of your priority list.

Had to kill some time after morning training so I stopped in a coffee and this time I only bring my iPad, way more comfortable. With the magic keyboard and figurative that lets me edit Figma files, there’s few things I need my laptop for.

I started to record myself redesigning my old site, after doing one video it feels more like a new job than just having fun 🙃 doingitwrong

I think they are many lessons that those lone designers can share. I still have pending to write about how I built a design system as the only designer. And I’m about to start another one. I should document it to be easier to share 🤔

So many content for design teams, so little for the lone designer in a company.

I’m still excited thinking the we will be able to create and use shortcuts on our macs, I’ve been waiting for this but didn’t expect the announcement I was just thinking about the new M1 models.

New safari updates look great too. It’s been my surfing default browser for some time now.

I forgot that today is the Apple keynote, hope they introduce the new MacBooks today 🤞🏼

Ok this new improved shortcut should work now, if it does I’ll be way more active on Twitter from now on. 🤞🏼

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I'm tryna see something for research purposes. You can only choose one of these to eat. Which one you going with?

9 is perfect but I’ll go from 8 to 12.

Future parents, the more adaptable you are the easier it will be. And step by step teach your kids to be an adaptable person too. Not every day they routine will go as planned and they have to learn to deal with it. Adaptability is one of the top “human skills”

Wow FigJam looks very promising, just letting you use your design system components and variables is incredible. This will be super useful!

I kind of what that all small business that offer their products or services for free to be very open and say how they’re making money. Don’t need all the details, just something so I can trust them.

I kind of what that all small business that offer their products or services for free to be very open and say how they’re making money. Don’t need all the details, just something so I can trust them.

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Content that fades up-and-in as you scroll through a webpage is modern-day scrolljacking.

💯 yes! I prefer to use CSS animations so it loads them once when opening the page and can’t be too slow. The other ones is like they force you to scroll at a certain speed to have a decent experience. 😑

Making a good looking html email? Is not as hard as to make it look good with dark mode on 🤢

Here’s a tip. Since outlook and gmail invert background colors try using a repeated CSS bg of 1px white image

I’m surprised that there are still so many people who continually claim that they are not creative. They excuse themselves from doing things they don’t usually do, doesn’t matter how small the tasks are. 🤦🏻

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@ramiroruiz ¡Muchísimas gracias! We really appreciate that, Ramiro and thank you for trying us out! 😍🙏

Thank you! For caring and doing something different about it. 👏🏼

I tried @around_hq today and I have to say I’m super impressed. I been waiting for a tool like this. Congrats to the team.

There should not be “That’s not my job” moments in high performance teams. Specially in designer / developer relationships.

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Friends! 🙌🤗 I’ve been invited to a podcast to talk about how to improve collaboration between #design and #development. So, I would love to hear your opinion, too! 🙏 What workflows, tools, and strategies did work well for you and your team to create better work together?

No one should have “That’s not my job” moments, respect and involve in each other areas. Bring them early in the design process. I share them quick mock-ups before the client for their opinion and also to know if I’m not making it harder for them than it needs.

Today I was told that they admire my bravery, not for stepping in the ring or cage but for having studied graphic design in Mexico.

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@brian_lovin ✋🏼 I’ve been in that position twice. First time I was able to sell the idea of a DS but I had to own that project. As the only designer I just had 25% of my time for that and had to build it too.

The first company needed to ship faster and had a base product built so I designed in the browser, there’s actually no design file for that one 😳

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@brian_lovin ✋🏼 I’ve been in that position twice. First time I was able to sell the idea of a DS but I had to own that project. As the only designer I just had 25% of my time for that and had to build it too.

I’m now in the same position as the only designer in an early stage startup. But now the process in this company is different. A lot of mock-ups help so I’m building it first in Figma.

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@brian_lovin ✋🏼 I’ve been in that position twice. First time I was able to sell the idea of a DS but I had to own that project. As the only designer I just had 25% of my time for that and had to build it too.

I was heavily inspired of the top DS and the bright people behind it. Still pretty proud of the work and result.

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It's you, a designer working at a startup. The design debt is accumulating, but you have to Move Fast and Ship Things. You know you need a design system, but it's not clear where to start, or even where to find the time to start paying back the debt. Who has been here and won?

✋🏼 I’ve been in that position twice. First time I was able to sell the idea of a DS but I had to own that project. As the only designer I just had 25% of my time for that and had to build it too.

So another Ramiro Ruiz just message me to tell me to change my username because he wants it. And that he’s sorry for the inconvenience. 👀

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Does all clubhouse rooms just talk about how great, breakthrough, etc etc clubhouse is? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So even in design rooms they’re talking about the design of clubhouse 🙄 Haven’t found something worth staying. At least in podcasts you can fast forward the bits you’re not interested.

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🎉 The first episode of my new podcast, Design Spotlight, is out now! I sit down with @ryngonzalez to discuss design infrastructure teams and the challenges with growing a team that can design systems across many diverse platforms.

I couldn’t find you in overcast, is it going to be Spotify only?

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@dvassallo When my kids were very young, I connected work with “helping people” So now when I leave, they know I’m going to help people, they view it as a positive, and they talk often about wanting to go work to help people. It’s not perfect, but it has made a big difference.

This is a great explanation, for sure I’ll try it with mine that are still too young to ask…

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Today @wdavidmarx and I did a breezy ~30km walk into Tokyo and this fire department training in a random residential ‘hood was just maximally spontaneous and beautiful and bizarre:

Tokyo is such a great city to walk around. I want to go back so much. Hopefully soon after things get better.

Does all clubhouse rooms just talk about how great, breakthrough, etc etc clubhouse is? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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1️⃣ (2005): Textpattern
2️⃣ (2005–2010): Movable Type
3️⃣ (2011–2017): hand-coded HTML/CSS/JS/PHP
4️⃣ (2017–now): hand-coded HTML/CSS/JS/PHP
Currently working on 5️⃣ on @eleven_ty.

‪Started using a business name in 2009 🙄‬ ‪Is still up for the memories at ‬ ‪1️⃣ WordPress (2009-2012)‬ ‪2️⃣ HTML / CSS / PHP (2012-2016) moving to‬ ‪3️⃣ Hugo (2017 - to this day) very happy just working on a design refresh‬

It’s been a long time since having aesthetic design was a luxury. Luxury is knowing how to talk to the market you are looking for in your their own language.

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“If you feel that you just can’t write or you’re too tired or this, that, and the other, just stop thinking about it, and go and work. Life doesn’t have to be so overthought. You don’t have to wait to be inspired. Just start working.” – @JoyceCarolOates

‪Love it, it reminded me of the turning pro quotes from @SPressfield The war of art book.‬ ‪“The amateur believes she must first overcome her fear to do her work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome. She shows up no matter what and do the work”‬

I’d love to be able to keep the smell of my kids as babies, each one is different. A few years pass and then you realize that they don’t smell like that anymore 🥺

Most softwares when moving elements. Arrow keys small nudge, and hold down shift for big nudge. Google slides let’s invert those controls 🥴

Design is all about empathy, design divas are not a great designers.

Many business forget that the little details matter, the quality of the hand sanitizer you offer is part of the customer experience.

Design systems does not cancel creativity, they’re constantly evolving. You have to create, adapt and improve under certain restrictions. That’s what design is all about, work with constraints to deliver results.

With iOS14 I can tweet and post on my website from my Home Screen. This is amazing!

Just saw one of my first websites from 2007 🤯, made it with Dreamweaver and flash for a no-so-impressive header animation. I love that I was able to save it. Is great to see your early work and see how much you’ve improved.

I know the trend now is don’t care about that but is still feels great when you earn the respect of someone or a group.

I’ve been focusing on product design for a while now but whenever I get a branding project I get super excited. I don’t agree on the idea of only doing one thing. Why limit yourself when there’s so much to do, go and do them. As long is not at same time 😅

Really enjoying Ted Lasso on TV+ great script and refreshing sense of humor.

New portable SSD, crazy how small it is. Now I’ll be able to edit movies from it as it is pretty fast, back it up to a 4TB hard drive that mirrors to the cloud ( that’s my new file management strategy. Feeling pretty safe but open for any feedback.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, a lot of work and things to learn 👌🏼

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Not just that it's confusing as hell. You go and click it thinking is a link and it is not. And they put the real links like a regular word.

Yeees!, they make you think something is wrong with your browser or you just have to scan the page with your mouse to find the link 🙄

I don’t understand how some designers think is a good idea to underline text or headings just for emphasis on a website.

“Let me make this look like a link without being one” 🤦🏻‍♂️

Moments when you’re start realizing you’re not a kid anymore, like when you see your first grey hair and when you notice you’re older than the characters on Friends. 😱

Looking for a great serie to watch? #GiriHaji is amazing, I need more of that kind of quality and originality.

Love how many like to say that “AI is going to replace designers” every year. I get it, they want reactions and clicks. But they’re wrong. For years this profession has evolved with the tools and use them to their advantage and they will continue to do so.

It never gets old.

Getting my feet wet with react and vue when what I really need is an intense course on Git 🤦🏻‍♂️

A certain way of improving one’s work is by being in a positions of saying no. That gets you better clients, projects and more time for each one. Easier said than done, I couldn’t afford to say no until this year.

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Starting a business because of an all-burning passion for the domain is like getting high on your own supply. It will likely cloud your judgment, and lead you to imprudent risks. You need to enjoy doing the work, but you probably shouldn't pursue it with desperation.

That’s why the saying of not making your hobby a job. Unless you find a way to keep doing the things you love while delegating the rest, but is not easy.

#TIL no idea that you can go back in time in street view with the little clock icon. This super interesting.

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Your personal website tells what you know and shows how you think. Use it as your differentiator.

That’s why I don’t try to base mine in what exactly a recruiters wants to see. That’s my website, a part of me. Is just happens that like many, it has an outdated design and portfolio 😅

Good design matters. There are always customers that go for the cheapest option. And others that look for the one that take great care of them and their experience. Actions attracts clients, we should act to attract the ones we want.

Prototypes are not that popular or as talked as they use to 3 years ago but if you’re a quick doing them they’re super valuable.

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Who else isn't jumping on the HEY bandwagon?

I was about to leave after the first hours I play with it. But when I forwarded my accounts and gave it 1 full day I really like it. I like to have inbox 0 or I get uncomfortable now I’m using it as a email receiver. The feed is wonderful as I have many subscriptions.

I was being lucky but I now know someone personally that has Corona 😥

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I’ve found that frequent communication and having the team be involved every step of the way is super important here. Try not to design so much in a bubble and be scared of showing rough/unfinished work.

This is important, especially if they’re waiting you to start building. I like to share early, make them part of the process and if you can, design components / sections first instead of the whole page. So devs can work on them asap

That feel when you fixed all the bugs and you can actually enjoy the last day of a project.

Instead of acknowledging talent so much, we should do it more with hard work. Encourage skill over talent, one comes from practice and self-discipline and the other is something you’re born with. And only one has no limits.

I’m really excited for the next updates on safari. It’s always my default browser but I find it uncomfortable to develop in it. Hope that will change.

I’m very happy about the design update by Apple, I now can add more life into some elements without looking outdated. I was never a complete fan of flat UI.

When we take Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, among others as role models, our children are doing the same to be like us. If being a father doesn’t make you a happier and better person, you’re doing it wrong.

Happy day to all.

I can only set the volume of my tv or car in multiples of 8. I get so uncomfortable if is on a different number.

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BTW, in the whirlwind that was this week, I may have neglected to thank everyone for their incredible support. WOW, never ever been through a week like this. Massively popular product release, battling an existential threat to our business, hundreds of DMs + emails. TYTY ❤️

Congrats, the support team is incredible! Super fast.

My wife always helps me to value my work. — You charge them that?! You’re almost doing it for free!

And when she’s asking a favor. — Aww come on, is so easy for you. It would not take long. 🙄

I now have 5 different animations for a svg graphic that get triggered at certain moments. SVG is a complex beast and learning about them has payed off.

I can understand the exciting in HEY, I also can’t wait to try it out but what I don’t get is the excitement in having a @hey email. I hope is possible to use your own, nothing looks better than having a email.

Looks like my wife thinks we have thieves inside the house, or is there other reason to tightly close every plastic bag there is?

They’re impossible to open.

Halfway through Mistakes were made (But not by me) and is so great. Is making me look at my actions be better.

Our opponents or competitors are actually more like us than our friends.

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It depends on the reading direction. Arabic and other RTL reading language users won’t find it easier.

You’re right, depends on the language. The main point I’m trying to make is how often I see center alight data or some crazy mixes having all three alignments in one table making them a nightmare to read.

Most data table cells should be left aligned, is easier for the eye to read text that have a common starting point.

Am I hearing Tiktok songs on the radio or is it that I hear radio songs on Tiktok. Pretty sure is the former, that platform is constantly making viral music.

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Playbook for new app: 1. Combining all of your other apps 2. Geometric, friendly sans serif 2. Clipart illustrations 3. Purple 4. Whooshy swooshy animations on scroll 5. Over-familiar copywriting 6. Light mint green 7. Infuriating onboarding that will. not. stop. pestering. you.

Random geometric elements are the new purple gradients.

I now have a new Spanish account @ramiroruiz_ES I was deciding which language to use for each tweet and since I already translate them for my site I’ll tweet both now and keep things separate.

I bought a sunrise alarm clock a week ago, and I can’t recommend enough. Game changer for me. 🙌🏼

Not a fan of @netlify new homepage design 😕 for a second I thought I enter the wrong domain. Is completely different.

My son likes the show a lot, so I’m editing a @BlippiOfficial sign, really wish they can use it. My eyes hurt every time I see it, and is a lot of times.

Why so many make links indistinguishable from text, if you’re not going to underline them you better make them really different. Nobody enjoys hovering every element of a page to figure if is clickable.

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📝New blog post: Why don't we personal website owners collect all the feeds we generate at one central place, for example on a /feeds page? A place for RSS feeds of your blog posts, favorited items, or even tweets. Like this:

Great idea! I have many feeds for the different post types in my site and I’m definitely going to make one!

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As Designers we think it's our job to come up with the best idea. The one that will best solve our users problems, and therefore our stakeholder problems. In truth our job is to come up with the least objectionable idea. The one we can safely navigate through the various gates.

Sharing early unfinished work helps me, communicating the reasoning of my decisions and being open to feedback. It makes them feel and actually be part of the result while you’re still responsible of how it turns out. Doesn’t matter who had the best idea.

Sharing often and early is one of the biggest things that have improved my work as a designer. Stop caring what would they think by seeing unfinished pieces and trust yourself. Your teammates will thank you.

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why is it that designers struggle with sharing their work with the exact people they should be sharing their work with? (clients, stakeholders, etc.)

Insecurity, not be willing to change directions or being able to explain and backup their decisions.

Sharing unfinished work is a pro hack that I’ve been enjoying the last 3 years, I wish I started sooner.

First time using a case for my phone, I always use them “al natural” since my iPhone 4 but this thing is more expensive than what I used to drive 3 years ago 😅

Looking back at some answers I wrote in Quora got me thinking in maybe elaborate more and publish them as blog posts.

Iteration is everything. It should be more encouraged, to revisit past projects and improve them with new knowledge. Imagine doing that every couple of years, some of us have our site for that but for other types would be great too.

Man, templating RSS feed can be quite confusing. I did some folder structure changes at my sites a couple of weeks ago and didn’t realize that the change broke my feeds. Thankfully after some frustrations I fix them. Now I can sleep 😴

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I avoid deleting the first versions of most designs, I keep duplicating artboards and iterate on the new ones. But I want to make it clear which are the old ones so I don’t confuse people or comment on past versions.

I can add them in a different page but that’s adding a click to the process. Now I’ve been placing them inside a colored background with a “past versions” label. Open to hear other ways.

I avoid deleting the first versions of most designs, I keep duplicating artboards and iterate on the new ones. But I want to make it clear which are the old ones so I don’t confuse people or comment on past versions.

Finished the last dance, is felt a little special that I got to see a little of that era. I remember watching MJ last final on TV. There’s always a great level of obsession in successful people. It has to, the only way to distance yourself from the pack.

I’m recently seeing a lot of talk about innovation. But the people that are actually innovating are not the ones that are constantly reading and talking about it, but the ones that are constantly making things.

Crazy how I was so use to having a small screen computer, from sharing my quick screen shot videos to slack that were around 14mb for some seconds. Just share one from the new 16" MBP and I was 100MB 🤯

Just changed all my indie post files organization and url structure.

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How'd you do that? And if there isn't a link to the site on the POSSE, then how on earth does one find the original?

Bridgy does a posse-post-discovery, I have a <link rel=“feed” In my site’s head, pointing to all my notes that have a u-syndication link. More details here: Happy to answer any more questions.

Now I got my replies updated without needing a link for the webmentions.

I’ve been having problems with a video not auto playing in just some phones 😥 no idea why, works on mine and many others but a few see the play button. So weird.

When you are getting desperate because the changes are not being reflected until you realize you’re not looking at local but staging. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Titok editing tools are impressive. There’s a loooot of options.

So happy to have webmentions working without including a link to my site, that should help for the people that thought I was spamming all the time 😅 I really love the things you can do with the #Indieweb

The skill to express yourself clearly without needing a meeting is undervalue.

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If you have a personal website: What did you use to build your site? And what do you like most about it? 🤗

I use @GoHugoIO and I love the speed, flexibility and the active and helpful community.

Going to do some changes in the next couple of days on my site to remove my post links but still keep my webmentions.

I know it may look spamish but it was necessary. Now I know there’s ways to have them without it

Upgrading my old 2013 MBP, has been my best computer to date. Looking forward for the new one, I hope that with the current situation, it doesn’t take longer than usual 🤞🏼

The more I learn about svg’s the more I realize how much is possible with them, just made two svg animations for a project last week.

Do you want to learn and be more efficient with your time of the day. Have kids!

  • Don’t have kids for only that reason 🙏🏼

Even in the middle of this crisis, I can’t believe how fortunate I am. I have what I need and I’m starting to receive those lucky opportunities that I’ve been preparing for 🙌🏼

So they had a full screen 5MB hero image 🤯 I manage to optimize it to 121KB.

Now the website feels completely different. Optimization is super important 🙂

Got to design a small Ebook 🙂 first one after many of catalogues and local magazines. I know the general advice is to specialize but I would never be able to just design the same kind of things.

This would be a great moment to have drive-in cinemas 😢

Very excited about this new futuristic project 🤩 all done in #css

I started some explorations for a project in Figma, then I jump into another project that is on Sketch and I have to use illustrator to make a svg graphic.

I can tell my computer is not happy, she’s not responding. 😅😭

Tough times don’t define you, they refine you. ‪True for people and companies.

Remember, no matter how bad things are, you can always make them worse.

#TIL that you can view folder sizes in the Finder’s list view on your Mac. 🤯

View -> Show View Options -> check Calculate All Sizes

I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what it feels to bring a new life to this world and seeing them becoming independent. The more my oldest grows, the more incredible it is for me.

One thing is running a remote #DesignSprint with everyone in different offices or home offices, and another one is to run it with everyone in their temporary “home offices” while dealing with their kids at the same time.

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What would it look like to build personal websites with incremental correctness in mind? Some thoughts:‪ …‬

Great post, I’m building a pattern library for my site to make it easier to improve and iterate on it. I found that a major problem is going back and trying to understand old code and seeing many mistakes that we think that is better start from scratch.

Today I received an email from my website for a possible new project, when I asked where did he find my site. He answered by searching on @DuckDuckGo

That has to be a great sign right?

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Nice, I also publish various types of posts to my site by using shortcuts. This reply is one of them. Are you using the twitter api? (

Duh 🤦🏻‍♂️ never mind, just took a better look and is the twitter shortcut extension.

One thing is being loyal and another is being stupid and that line can sometimes be blurry.

I love when people mention that want to add more “design” to specific sections.

It will be interesting to know with so many people forced to experience remote work for the first time if, by the time everything settles down, will they be able to happily come back to their normal routine and commutes?

Starting a project were everyone is using Microsoft’s teams 😰

Another messaging app to have it open.

I receive an invitation to submit a specific piece from my portfolio for a design award thing. And I was like wow goodbye impostor syndrome 👋🏼🍾🥳

The I found out I need to pay to enter the “competition” 😒 Oh well #BusinessAsUsual now

That moment when you’re so excited to start a new design project until you see their official logo 😔 so sad

Just arrived to Mexico city for a few days to get punch in the face and eat great food. It should be fun.

Today I finished The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen. The book is great, but I end up with mix feelings by knowing the stuff that now know. Ignorance is bliss.

What a fun session of light sparring this morning at @downtown.dojo I surely missed them. I Cut the parts where I get hit 😆

Bittersweet feeling after seeing the last episode of the Good place. What a great show.

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Interesting. I believe one factor that hurt UX was many graphic designers changing their title to UXD to earn more money. Graphic Design is an important element of ux design but it's not the entire pie. Neither is UXD- though it always wants to be.‪ ‬

That’s why I always hated the title soup in design of recent years. I still want to call myself web designer like back in the day but nobody is looking for that position now 🤦🏻‍♂️

I have a big remote design sprint next week, so I’ve been playing with @mural to see if it can replace our current methods and I’m very impressed so far.

The reaction I always get from friends when I talk about the work I do on my website to own my content like notes, replies, photos, etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Nothing can beat remote work when you can have this kind of breaks.

I’m becoming an expert in google slides and I’m not liking it.

Now more than ever, we rather want to be individually right than at peace with each other.

Trying my best at learning enough react to build my components on storybook. Is funny to feel very smart or very dumb in minutes. Got to say I’m very impressed with storybook.

Is never as good as with other people but it’s something. Planning to hang up more bags soon.

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designing (your own stuff) in the browser‪

Most of the time I polish using the developer inspector until I’m happy, that and also I take too long to commit, I know 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

Crazy how in illustrator you can’t export artboards as separate PDFs without the elements that are outside of it.

This great script by Matthew made it possible.

I really wish Apple would give more love to their messages desktop app. 😪

Seeing the CSS variable value on hover is super helpful. Thank you @firefox ❤️


Excited to start a project where I will be able to play with storybook, I had a great experience with Fractal in another project.

Love my people from Texas but that’s just crazy talk.

Ivan y yo con nuestros bebés

La próxima generación 👊🏼 De cachar patadas para derribar a cacharlas para que se dejen cambiar bien el pañal 🤣 .

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Here it is, video #0 is online. 😊 ❄️ Personal introduction. ❄️ Overview of the topics I'll cover. ❄️ Is that something you'd want to watch? Is the video/audio quality okay? Do you understand me, even with my accent? ❄️ Subscribe! 🧡‪ …‬

Great video, subscribed!

I’ve been thinking in also documenting my own site redesign but Idk if I would have the time. I only find small chunks of time here and there to work on it, should I do video or blog, spanish or funny-accent-english? Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ever meet someone that you can easily tell she’s a big audio message person?

Systems quote from Atomic Habits

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there.

By @JamesClear

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🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Hey runners! What is your favorite app to track your route, pace, and progress over time?

Strava lacks options, I use iSmoothRun is has all the ones you’ll need. An Apple Watch app and exports your workouts to Strava.

Compañeros de facultad

La comedera y reunión anual de los frijoles negros del salón. 😂

Connecting the dots is a rare and valuable skill. Solving problems that hasn’t been solved before.

Instead collecting dots and consuming. We can produce and share more.

There’s no replacement of getting your hands dirty.

I used to think that good talkers were smarter. Now I know better. Some people have to talk to think, others do not.

Being a great communicator is still a great skill to have.

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What’s one accomplishment from this year you’re proud of and one goal for the new year? For me: ✨ 2019: Lead a big company-wide product project 🎯 2020: Climb up my career ladder

Pitch, design and develop my first Design System.

In 2020 I’m looking to ship 2 side projects and start a meetup.

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I’ve got a bit of time to dig back into this. This shortcut runs two other shortcuts. Any chance you could share them too too. I can see the one you shared grabs the contents of the tweet and prepares it to pass to the reply but would be great to see it end to end.

Yeah no problem, give me a couple of minutes to clean them up since those shortcuts are set for two type: ‘replies’ languages as my site is multilingual.

2019 global problems solutions: Temper tantrums and finger pointing.

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Do you have an alternative dream job if you couldn't work in tech anymore? The only other jobs I've ever been good at are paramedic and struggling musician.

MMA Coach, but is not easy to make enough money. Other ones are pizzaiolo and archeologist.

Just finished Lost and Founder by @randfish and I can’t recommend it enough.

I want more books 📚 that transparent and honest as this one. 🔥

We just received our second son, we’re super happy! 😄😍

Ramiro Ruiz

New company photos are out, I like this one, not sure if I should use it as my new

So I’m finally trying VS Code and I hate that they don’t have a easy and keyboard friendly way to duplicate and create files or folders like Atom. 😓

Working again on my RSS feed templates. It is harder than I thought.

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If I’ve got this working correctly. This note has been posted to my site using an iOS shortcut I’ve built, syndicated to twitter using a lambda function post ‪@netlify‬ build. Thanks to the work done by ‪@mxbck‬ loving the ‪#indieweb

That’s awesome 👏🏼 I also mostly use iOS shortcuts for my indie posts, like this reply.

For syndication I don’t really know about lambda functions. I do it with the help of by send it them a webmention.

Just saw Marriage Story. Was a little hard to watch, but I still highly recommend it, especially with your partner. Great conversation afterwards.

We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen

We shouldn’t worry that our kids never listen, we should worry that they are always watching. — Robert Fulghum

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With loads of happiness and some impostor syndrome let me share with you that I will be speaking at Smashing Conf next year 😊‪ …‬

Congrats! 👏🏼

Trying to make a IFTTT webhook to work, keep getting error 400 😓

Today has been very productive half day.

The Design System is now on production.

Just saw the teenage mutant ninja turtles episode of the toys that made us on Netflix.

What a great story! Big fan and proud owner of many TMNT toys.

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It’s amazing what a few minutes in Photoshop can do. Btw, meet my side of the family. Mom, Dad, older brother and his fam.‪

It is! My son was a little afraid to sit with Santa so…

Just upgraded from my old iPhone 6 to a 11 pro and is ridiculous how much I was missing.

RTS Hawkeye Design System Home Page

Got the approval for a second phase 🙌🏼, Now I will have more time to clean some stuff up so I can share it publicly.

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Who proposes to a 5yr old big product to build a Design System, refactor the markup and styles, make it responsive for the first time and setup the tool for the component library by the end of November, while being the only designer of the 3 running projects for that application.‪

Just pushed the last docs. The first release is ready 🎉 with one day to spare I’ll be laying if I don’t say I feel super proud and happy of this project.

It already made my life easier while designing the new products.

I can’t believe how much it took me to start using iOS shortcuts.

It makes my phone feel powerful again.

The “I throw all these punches to land one” combo. They’re still the most fun to do. First training in the new location, is going to be amazing. 👏🏼

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Something I've been mulling over recently, would love to discuss. Design is slowly learning lessons that engineering teams have already solved. Why don't we embrace them more? Versioning✅, components✅, documentation🤷‍♂️, ticketing🚫, agile planning🚫, architecture reviews🚫etc

Because we are wild creative creatures that need complete freedom to wait until inspiration comes 🙄

Even designing in chunks (components) instead of the whole screen is avoided. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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So now nature is the only inspiration source. Like “I don’t know how to do this, I need to stare at some trees to get the answer” (

I do like to go for walks to clear my mind but let’s not abuse and give the idea that nothing else influence our work. Let’s give credit to those who deserve it.

So now nature is the only inspiration source.

Like “I don’t know how to do this, I need to stare at some trees to get the answer”

Finally fixed my RSS feeds, now the images are showing and I have links for All, Notes, Replies and Photos. More content and feeds to come.

Just starting using indie readers and wow 😮 I’m impressed. Super easy to consume and interact with content.

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I've reached the point in this last year of working on my personal site in fits and spurts, where I think I've over-designed and over-engineered it into an overly robust system versus making the content that should live on it. What started out as very simple became complex.

Never ending story for me. It took me forever to publish personal stuff, till recently, I just started to ship bit by bit and accepted that my site will always be a WIP.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.

— Denis Waitley

While refactoring old styles on a project and I found a class with more rules than it needed because it had position: flex so they’re extra rules the compensates the undetected mistake.

The author, me… 👀🤫

Don’t stop after the first or second version. No matter how good you think they are.

I hate when in talks or keynotes, the speaker asks trick questions to the audience.

Is selfish. It puts people on the spot and is always just to correct them in front of everyone.

‪Why many are bad at giving feedback?‬

‪By being asked, most of the times, it makes them think they’re superior. That’s why there’s more negative comments than positive. There’s fear on losing the higher status so is safer to put people down.‬

Super happy of how my ‪@BearNotesApp‬ Morning/Night routine & journal iOS workflow turned out. 😁

‪Don’t:‬ ‪💬 Hello 👋🏼‬ ‪Waits for the hello answer.‬ ‪💬 How are you?‬ ‪Waits…‬ ‪💬 That’s great, [THE REASON THEY REACH OUT?]‬ ‪——‬ ‪Do:‬ ‪💬 Hello 👋🏼, hope you’re doing well. [THE REASON THEY REACH OUT?]‬

‪More optimization on messages please 🙏🏼‬

Still working on my full site redesign, but I went forward and added #webmentions to my notes on the current design. Now if you like/reply my tweets it will show on the site. Baby steps, the visuals are pretty rough at the moment.

As a photography fan and a father with a cute kid… It should be consider a skill to be able to survive with a 16gb iPhone.

📚 Finish Mastery by Robert Greene. Like it a lot, a little bit longer than it needs to be but it has many great stories and examples.

Explanations. Anyone should be prepared to backup their decisions. No matter the position, especially for acts that affect others. Nobody should do things without worrying than someone will ask “why?”

Rafa jumping to the pool

This is a photo I haven’t shared before. Happy that I now send my instagram posts to my site. I’ll write more about the setup later.

I should use the @media (hover: none) media query more often.

Way safer and practical than just guessing screen sizes.

Pretty excited to start a small industry 4.0 project, designing and building stuff that involve robots using cameras and responding to what they’re seeing it. 🤩

I don’t like how aggressive @InVisionApp emails it’s been lately, constantly asking for meeting to suggest a different paid plan, they even emailed one of our clients to get to us.

They’re crossing the line…

Made a quick update in the notes template, is very simple. Just to post them now, instead of waiting to finish my upcoming site redesign.

It’s been awhile since I wrote something by hand, it actually felt good. Thinking in doing it more often.

Today’s my birthday and I’m so in to getting my #indieweb note posting iOS workflow just right. #ThirdTry